Pin Your Mind There


Many people do not have the staying ability when things are not working out as they have expected. They always want things to happen very fast. If things do not happen very fast, they quickly lose hope and change their stand.

Changing your realities with your thoughts will not work for you if you have the attitude of “jump in and jump out”. The “jump in and jump out” attitude stifles the manifestation process, thereby making a mockery of your efforts.

You must make up your mind and come to that point in your life where you look away from every distracting reality to pin your mind to that beautiful reality you want to manifest, and stay there. You must stick to the reality you want to manifest.

Understand that nothing can successfully stand against the manifestation of your desired thought realities if you continue to persist and insist. Persistence and consistence is the key.

You must realize that if you allow your mind to stay on those negative realities around you, you will not move out of them. Only a different thinking pattern (backed up with spoken words and possible actions) can create different realities.

Affirmation and reaffirmation is the easiest way to pin your mind to those beautiful realities you want to manifest. Discipline yourself to do your affirmations and reaffirmations daily because that will help to establish your new desired thought realities in your thought world.

When any new desired thought reality is established in our thought world, manifestation is guaranteed. Remember, all things are possible to him that believes. The power of believe can produce your desired thought reality.


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Many of us erroneously think that our service to God ends in our religious gatherings. Consequently, whenever we walk into those gatherings, we act as the most moral set of people on earth. However, when we walk out of those gatherings, we put on the old person we have always been.

We have so highly exalted those services rendered in our religious gatherings far more than every other service we render outside those religious organisations. Thus, in order to serve the God we cannot see with our optical eyes, we trample, oppress and hurt the people we can see with our eyes.

Why will a husband and wife maltreat their maid? The simple reason is that they do not know that the way they treat that helpless maid is actually a treatment or service to God. Why will a husband hurt his wife? The man do not know that the way he treats his wife is actually a treatment or service to God.

Why will a manager oppress those who are under him? Why do people cheat, defraud, steal, rob and even go as far as killing other people to get what they want? They have not come a realization that whatever they do to other people, they are actually doing the same to the God they serve or claim to serve.

What will our society look like if we all perform our duties, do our businesses, jobs and careers with the consciousness that we are actually serving God from those platforms? The Bible clearly admonishes that whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men (Colossians 3:23).

Our service to God does not end in our religious gatherings. In fact, that is actually the training and practicing ground for the real service outside. We must take our service to God beyond the four walls of our religious organisations. We must take our service to God beyond the borders of our religious gatherings.

We must realized that our service to God is every service we render to our fellow human beings. Every service we render to man is unto God. The way we serve other people, the way we treat other people, the way we relate with other people, the things we do to other people; they are all unto the God we do not see with our optical eyes.

Hence, whenever you want to assess yourself on how you have been serving God, look at how you have been doing your job in your office. Whenever you want to think of serving God better, think of how better you can relate with people as you do that job, business or any other occupation.

Think of how better you can serve your spouse, children, brothers, sisters, relations, friends, neighbours and everyone you meet. Serving God is just about serving other people. Remember, even in your religious gatherings, the services you rendered were actually to people. You have not seen God Himself, and can never render direct service to Him.

Serve God by serving people. The real service to God is our services to mankind. We will shine forth as the light of the world when we should perform our duties with such consciousness and our society will become a better place.


BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIP: Don’t Allow Familiarity Destroy Your Relationship


Over familiarity has made a lot of people to lose sight of the beautiful qualities of their spouse or partner. After spending several years in a relationship, many people tend to focus more on the weaknesses or flaws of their spouse or partner, instead of continually appreciating the beautiful qualities that had attracted them years ago.

This change of focus often gives birth to ceaseless complains that sometimes lead to frequent sparks of little quarrels. These frequent sparks of little quarrels can make one of them to coil into his/her shell and that could make that relationship to grow cold. Soon, the excitement and the attachment they once had towards each other will begin to wane gradually.

Don’t lose sight of those beautiful and unique qualities of your spouse or partner due to years of over familiarity. Don’t take those beautiful and unique qualities of your spouse or partner for granted due to years of over familiarity. Rather, make up your mind to focus on those beautiful and unique qualities and deliberate magnify and amplify them within your heart.

If we can regularly take out time to focus and appreciate the beautiful and unique qualities of our spouse or partner, we will place more value on them and that will silent the nagging condemning voices. If we can always remind ourselves of the things we have admired in our spouse or partner years ago, we will see how some of those changes we want them to make will become very insignificant.

Remember that those qualities were the things you have admired greatly in your spouse or partner years ago. Remember that those three, five or seven qualities were the most important things you wanted in your spouse or partner years ago. Remember that those beautiful and unique qualities were the major things that made you to choose him or her years ago.

Don’t forget the foundation of your relationship on which the great edifice is standing. The toys you want to use to decorate the building are not the things keeping the building in place. Recognize the importance of the things you have used to build the foundation of your relationship, else you will give more importance to those toys that will not keep the building to stand in its place.

Don’t lose sight of those beautiful qualities of your spouse or partner. They are the things that attracted you years ago. They are the reliable cement and blocks you have used to build your relationship. Don’t lose sight of those unique qualities, else, the minor irrelevant things or toys you are now focusing on will end up destroying what you have spent years to build.

Be wise! Don’t allow over familiarity to destroy your relationship with your partner. Remember the most important qualities and values you wanted in your spouse or partner and regard the new changes you want as jara. If they still have those qualities and values, be content and appreciate what you have. Remember, someone somewhere has been praying for what you have.

Secrets for Success: Make It Simple


Successful people are not necessarily those who do or accomplish difficult tasks. The salient truth is that successful people are those who do simple things consistently. Most times, they only do simple things differently with a touch of excellence.

A man who wants to climb the highest mountain in the world may not necessarily have to take all the steps at a time. He might only take a step in every five minute. However, if he takes that one step consistently, he will surely climb to the peak of that mountain.

Remember, his aim is to climb to the peak of the mountain. Thus, if he can just make it simple by taking a simple step at a time consistently, he will surely arrive at the peak of that high mountain with great ease, without even getting worn out or tired.

Although, when he gets to his destination, people will surely consider and appreciate the thousands of steps he took. However, you must consider that each of those single steps contributed to his overall success of achieving his aim.

Taking all those thousands or even millions of steps to the top of the mountain (all) at a time is just absurd and impossible. Why not just make it simple? Why not just make things easy for yourself? Make it simple and easy as possible. Just a step at a time.

Secrets for Success: Do the Simple


Many young people erroneously strive hard everyday to do the things that they are not naturally wired to do in their quest to become great and successful in life. This is the major reason why many people become failures in life.

A failure is not someone who failed as he was trying to do the difficult things that he was not naturally wired to do. A failure is someone who did not do the simple things that he was naturally talented, gifted and wired to do for the benefit of other people.

If you carefully study the life of all the successful people that had ever lived on the surface of the earth, you will realize that everyone of them was passionately engaged in activities that they were naturally talented, gifted and wired to do.

All the successful people you have ever heard about only did the things that they naturally loved to do. Their great achievements were wrapped in the simple and little things that they were naturally talented, gifted and wired to do.

Go and make your research and you will discover that little thing in the everyday life they lived. Study the life of all the greatest people you have ever heard about in this world and you will identify that simple thing that they always did.

The greatest step you can take to become great and successful is making that strong decision to do those little and simple things that you are naturally talented, gifted and wired to do. This is the beginning of every success story.

If you really want to live a successful and fulfilled life, look at those little and simple things that you were naturally talented, gifted and wired to do. Those simple and little things will serve as the navigator that will take you to your destiny of success.

Stop trying to become what you were not created to do. Stop trying to become the people that you secretly admire. Be original! Be you! The best thing you could do for yourself and your generation is to become the best of you.

You were created to do those simple and little things. Do them consistently with a touch of excellence. This is the open secret of the success and the greatness of many. This is the old open secret of all the stories of greatness.

Remember, it will be impossible for a dog to live as a monkey on trees. Dogs were not created to live like that. It is impossible for a fish to live on land because it was not created to live like that.

You will forever remain an imitation trying to become another person. You will forever become the second best of the person you want to become. Appreciate your uniqueness and become the best of you.

Take that old path to success by doing those simple and little things you are naturally talented, gifted and wired to do and you will find deep satisfaction and fulfillment doing those things. Struggles will disappear because you were born to do those things.


Move Towards the Achievement of Your Goals and Dreams


The world is filled with so many unhappy people. Many people think, brooding over their sad circumstances and carrying some serious looking face is a sign of seriousness about life. Sadly, this is one of the ways many people ruin their lives, using their sad emotional thoughts to attract more of such negative circumstances into their lives.

When you think about your past, don’t make the mistake of pulling down yourself into the pit of sadness and depression, with a feeling of helplessness. This is a very dangerous emotional state that will attract nothing but the same ugly and pathetic situations into your life.

You must train yourself to remain at the emotional peak of joy, happiness and gratitude every day, concerning everything that happens in your life. The continuous emotional state of joy, happiness and gratefulness will change the negative circumstances around you.  “When you are in a state of joy or appreciation, you are connected to the Stream of Source Energy” (Richard Carswell).

Train yourself continually to remain at that emotional height. This should be your primary goal every day. Don’t come down. The Holy Bible clearly says, “Therefore with joy shall ye draw water (which represents deliverance, protection, provision, abundance and plenty) out of the wells of salvation” (Isaiah 12:3).

You cannot draw from the wells of salvation by being sad, angry, depressed, jealous and envious. These negative emotions will deactivate the power and the grace of God that should be working on your behalf every day.

Train yourself to continually stir up an atmosphere of praise and worship. It will activate the power of God to move on your behalf. There are several testimonies in the Bible, where God intervened when His people praised Him.

Praise and worship stirs up joy. When you praise and worship God, He is magnified against every negative circumstance in your life. Again, joy reflects a merry heart. The Bible says “Is any merry? let him sing psalms” (James 5:13).

No wonder when Paul and Silas prayed and SANG PRAISES to GOD (which is an expression of joy) the strong prison doors flew wide open (Acts 16:25-26). The prison gate could not keep them bound continually. The things that bind you will lose their hold on you if you can cultivate a continuous attitude of praise and worship. The power of God Almighty will move on your behalf. Remember, God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalms 22:3).

Train yourself to remain joyful, grateful and happy. Richard Carswell says another nice thing in this regard in one of his book. “Your prime goal is to be happy, to reach for the joy and when you do that all the other ingredients to success will follow and fall nicely in to place.”

Choosing thoughts of joy, happiness and gratefulness irrespective of your situation is the express way to move closer to your dream. Those beautiful emotions (joy, happiness and gratefulness) will surely attract situations and circumstances that will multiply your joy, happiness and gratefulness. No wonder, the Bible says, Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice (Philippians 4:4).

“Once you consciously identify your current state of emotion, it will be easier for you to understand whether you are choosing thoughts that  move you closer to your goals or further away. If you will make the improved feeling or emotion your real goal, then anything and everything that you want will quickly show up in your world via the right people, the right circumstances and the right resources that will facilitate the achievement of your desired outcome.” (Richard Carswell)




One of the reasons why many relationships crumble and get crushed is the simple attitude of keeping quiet when one ought to speak out. This is very dangerous. This is the major reason behind the overreaction of certain people towards their spouse or partner, which eventually leads to serious problems and break-ups. Permit me to tell you this: sometimes, you just have to speak out, just exactly how you feel about a particular issue.

There are times to keep quiet. You ought to keep quiet sometimes; however, there are times you must speak out. Speaking out is your responsibility. You owe yourself that responsibility. No one can do that for you. Remember, you can only be understood when you speak out. Therefore, you must make up your mind to speak out at such crucial times in your relationship.

Those who don’t speak out when they ought to speak out, are like time bombs, waiting to explode someday at the slightest provocation. They may not know it. They may not accept it. However, trouble is coming; for that someday of explosion is at the corner. It will just require a little push and you will be amazed at the devastating explosion.

When you don’t speak out when you ought to speak out, those things you were supposed to say, will continue to accumulate in your heart. As they accumulate, they will be looking for expression at every slight stimulation. Soon, your heart will become too hot to accumulate and accommodate those things. Soon, you will become very hostile and touchy, even to the wrong people.

It has been noted that the reactions and actions of those who always remain silent when they are being hurt, are more destructive than those who speak out. Those who keep quiet usually come up with devastating and surprising retaliation packages than those who react and act spontaneously. Your response, reaction or action will not be so destructive if you don’t always keep quiet. Remember, some issues require immediate attention.

I have seen several relationships where one of them continues to remain at the receiving end, receiving all the whips and the blows silently. When I looked from outside, I thought the silent one was exhibiting some commendable religious virtue. However, when I went closer, I discovered that the silent one was actually planning and plotting some ‘revenge package’.

Don’t plot a ‘revenge package’ for your spouse or partner when you ought to speak out concerning that matter that makes you feel hurt. That revenge package may not bring any positive result to your relationship. It might only cause new problems that had not been existing. I hope you don’t intend to cause more problems for the relationship that you have used several years to build!

Learn to speak out when you ought to speak out! You may decide to remain silent during the heat sometimes; however, look for a favourable atmosphere to express how you feel and how think about that issue. Free yourself by speaking out. You will feel much better as you express yourself and release those burdens from your heart. When you express yourself, you release those heavy burdens in your heart. Save your relationship! Speak out when you ought to speak out.

Training for the Real Battle of Life


People have not realized that their thoughts control their life. If you don’t agree with this truth, carefully observe your thoughts daily, and you will realize that you are the major actor who has been acting out the scripts of your own thoughts. In fact, you are the executive director and also the major actor of the movie of your own life. The people in your world and in the whole world generally, only play the specific roles you give them. Sadly, most people have not still realized that just as they write the scripts for themselves with their own thoughts; they also assign those specific roles for other people to play in their life with their own thoughts.

Indeed, life is just a movie; a real movie. We are all directors and actors in the movie of life. The greatest directors and actors in this movie of life are those who have mastered the game of the mind. This game of the mind is not just a game of fun; it is a battle, a real battle. As a result of this battle, many have been wounded and are still bleeding profusely in this life. Many of the casualties of this battle are currently living miserable lives. Apparently, the only battle that every human is expected to fight from the very day of accountability until the very day of death is this secret battle. This secret battle is the battle of our thoughts. The victory in this battle depends on the thoughts that dominate our mind.

The greatest battle of life we encounter daily is the fight to maintain the right kind of thoughts. Most people have not still realized that this is the greatest battle in this life. Every other battle is just a continuation from this battle. If we can train ourselves to maintain the right kind of thoughts in our mind; then, life will surely reward us with the right things. On the other hand, if we do not train our minds to maintain the right kind of thoughts; then, we have unknowingly destroyed our own walls of protection and have made ourselves vulnerable to every form of negative experience in this life. Thus, we must constantly strive to maintain the right kind of thoughts in our mind every time.

Indeed, this is not an easy task. It requires dedication and will surely take some time. However, if we want to live in the reality of our dreams, we must give this task our very best and receive the very best from life. Remember, the more we do it, the better we become at it. Don’t join the bandwagon of those who start it and stop halfway. Clearly write down the things you wish to think on every day. Ensure that you keep your mind on those things irrespective of the challenges you may face. Whenever you stray away from those things that you have clearly written down, deliberately make your mind to return to them. Soon, you will master the art and enjoy the benefits. Remember, “for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

Circumstances Should Not Dictate How You Think About Yourself

thoughts 030

Many people make the mistake of allowing their situations to dictate how they think and feel about themselves. When they do not have money in their pockets or bank accounts, they erroneously think, feel and see themselves as being poor.

Don’t ever make the grave mistake of using money as the only yardstick of measuring your wealth or riches. If you do, you will always think you are very poor and this poverty-thought-pattern will continually keep you in poverty. If you think you are poor, your efforts will not pull you out of poverty: “for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

Remember, you can never be bigger or greater than your own thoughts. Your thoughts can either make you soar high like the eagle, or keep you on the ground like a chicken. A poor thought pattern can only produce poverty for you. Thus, you must train your mind to see that you are the rich and the wealthy.

The easiest way you can achieve this, is by training your mind to appreciate all the different forms of wealth you are enjoying at the moment. This will make you look at yourself differently, with greater sense of dignity, wealth and affluence. Now, let us look at some of those other forms of wealth we usually despise when assessing ourselves.

Life is the greatest form of wealth we enjoy; without it, every other form of wealth will be needless. Remember, money cannot buy life. Apprehend this truth and learn to value the gift of life you are enjoying as a form of wealth.

Health is another form of wealth. If you have good health, do not take it for granted. Appreciate it. Be grateful for it. Remember, a sick man can spend all his financial wealth on his health and may still not get it back.

Another form of wealth is true love. If you are in a relationship and you are enjoying this form of wealth; value it more than any amount of money in the bank. If you ever long for true love, you will agree with this fact.

Peace of mind is another form of wealth we usually despise. Many people have not realized that some “rich and wealthy people” can give away everything just to have this form of wealth. Value the peace you enjoy.

Other forms of wealth we tend to neglect includes: knowledge, ideas, gifts and talents, values, beauty, reputation, family, friends and relationships. Learn to appreciate all these forms of wealth and you will realize how wealthy you are. Remember, the thought and feeling of being wealthy will produce the financial complement for you.

Open your eyes and see how rich and wealthy you are. Train your mind to see all the wealth around you. Train your mind to eliminate every thought of lack. Learn to think that whatever you need, desire or want has already been provided. This is the secret. This is the thought pattern you should imbibe and you will see it happen.

Finally, apart from training your mind to see and appreciate the wealth around you, you must never allow your present situation to dictate how you think and feel about yourself. Train your mind to think independently, without any influence from your current circumstances. This is the training that will make you a master over situations.

Note that “You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be” (Marianne Williamson). Change your world by just changing your own thoughts. Change your thoughts and change your world. Start Now!


Identify the Quality of Your Thoughts





Many people have not learnt how to find out the quality of their thoughts. The quality of your thoughts cannot be assessed when you are on guard or when things are going on smoothly as expected. If you have been using such times to assess the quality of your thoughts; then, you have not really identified the quality of your thoughts.

When the Holy Bible says, “for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7), it was not just referring to thoughts you are still trying to imbibe. That verse of Scripture is directed at thoughts you have accepted and endorsed, which have formed your involuntary response, view, perception and mind-set about yourself, people, things and life, generally.

The best time to know the quality of your thoughts is when things are not working out as expected. Look out for those unguarded rough times when there is so much tension around you due to the crises you are facing. During such times of heat, identify your secret thoughts, and the words that come out of your mouth.

When you study the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17) in the Holy Bible, you will discover that David’s boldness, fearlessness and courage was an involuntary view, perception and mind-set. David was not just trying to think and talk courageously at the time of the challenge. You can notice it in his words in all his dialogue and even his action in Verse 48, how David ran towards Goliath when the man moved towards him.

If you haven’t taken time to ponder on David’s action; then, you should do it now by answering the following question. Is it not suicidal for an inexperienced teenager, who has never fought any war, to run with a sling towards an experienced warlord like Goliath, who has fought several battles from his youth, and was coming with a sword and a spear against him (David)?

Challenges help to reveal the quality of thoughts you are made of. David revealed the quality of his thoughts in the time of challenges. Therefore, you can also identify the quality of your own thoughts when you have a challenge; then, you can consciously change them to the new personality you wish to become.

Remember, “for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). You can never be greater than your own thoughts. Your life will never be different from the kinds of thoughts you are keeping. Choose your thoughts wisely. You have the ability to do so. Change your world just by changing your own thoughts. Change your thoughts and change your world. The choice is yours. Start now!




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