Clean Up Your Thought House


Many people want their physical realities to change but they are not ready to play their roles. They want God or other people to play the roles that they are supposed to play.

When you stay around them, you will realize that they have such an appalling thought pattern of negativity, which obviously plays out in their words daily. Some are so used to those negative thought patterns; breaking out of them would require some serious conscious efforts.

This idea, changing your realities with your thoughts, is to make the reader understand his or her role. We are not trying to play down on God’s Sovereignty. We are just trying to make man understand his role or responsibility.

Before you expect God to do something about your situation, you should first put your “thought house” in order. God cannot work for you when your “thought house” is always messed up with negative thoughts. Clean up your “thought house”!

Our responsibility is to build a consistent positive thought pattern. God’s responsibility is to work with those consistent positive thought patterns. If we do not provide the consistent positive thought pattern, the devil and his cohorts will work with our negative thoughts and words.

We must realize that we are partners with God, the Divine, in bringing our beautiful thought realities into fruition. God created the earth in such a way that He has to partner with man, so that His beautiful dreams can be done on earth.

Do you think that God, the Divine, did not partner with those who have been making those outstanding advancements in science and technology, and every other human endeavour that has affected man positively?

Of course, He has always been partnering with men to bring about those great and beautiful physical realities credited to man. Every good thing, including all knowledge came from the Father of all wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.

We must understand that our role is to create the favourable environment with our positive thoughts and words, so that God, the Divine, can work out our beautiful dreams in our world. If we continue to carry a thought pattern of negativity, we paralyze and deactivate the power of God that is working on our behalf.

Build a dogged positive thought pattern! Look beyond the circumstances of your life and stay with your positive thought pattern. Soon, those seeds of positive thoughts will grow and bear your desired fruits.




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How to Deal with Negative Emotions


We generally think that our emotion is from our thought body (the mind) nevertheless, if we use the seven dimensional bodies as our guide, we will realize that our emotion is coming from a different dimensional body.

Our emotions are from our emotion body, which is an inner and a more powerful dimensional body to the thought body. Although, we have exalted the thought body (the mind) above other dimensional bodies since it can influence every other dimensional body with our thoughts, however, we need to understand that the emotion body can make you to function with its emotions without consulting the thought body.

Take a look at some of the things that have happened in your life and you will agree that when we are overwhelmed by our emotions; we put aside the rational thinking process that takes pace in our thought body (our mind) to do the things that do not agree with our rational thought pattern. Whenever that happens, just realize that your (the emotion body) has overpowered your thought body (which is your mind).


  1. Take a Deep Breath

This may sound too simple to be true but it really works. When you find yourself in that state of exploding emotionally, take a pause, close your eyes with your head bent backwards a bit as you look at that inner central place between your eyebrows, take in a deep breath, hold it for as long as you can, and release gently until you exhale all the air. Do this simple exercise repeatedly for at least nine times.

This will calm all the tension building within your heart. The energy created within you by that negative emotion will find expression through your breath. Our breath body has a way of working with our emotion body. When we develop the attitude of calming our breath in such hours of emotional heat, we will find ourselves taking control of our emotions.

  1. Identify the Thoughts Linked to the Emotion

Sometimes, our emotion body picks thought signals from our thought body to generate those waves of emotions. These thought signals can come from past experiences or from expected future occurrences.

One thing we must note about our emotions is that they are not just generated from events, circumstances, and realities. They are basically generated by our perception or interpretation.

When we identify those perceptions and interpretations, we can look for counter thoughts to deal with them. If we cannot identify the thoughts linked to those emotions, we may find it difficult dealing with them.

  1. Acceptance

These days, many people find it very difficult to accept who they are. This has become a very serious problem in our society. It is making our youths do things that Nature frowns at. Soon, when the chips are down, they will find themselves battling with different negative emotions.

You are the only you in this world. You are the original you in this world. Accept who you are. Accept your gender. Accept your looks. Accept what you have. Accept where you are. Accept your past. Accept everything about you. Do the little you can. Your day is at the corner. Everything will be alright.

Remember, there is nothing new under the sun. Someone has also faced that situation you find yourself, and has come out of it. If it is a physical reality that you cannot change. sincerely accept it and look for a way to deal with it. Everything that befalls us, we have the capacity to deal with it. You can deal with that challenge and become a source of encouragement to others.

  1. Direct Your Mind to Other Things

When you have sincerely accepted that reality, deliberately shift your mind to things that can make you happy. You can listen to good music (like songs of hope). If you know the song, you can sing along. You can also take a walk into nature, or visit a friend.

Sometimes, the best way to divert our thoughts is to get busy with other things. It could be job, sports, games, video games, and reading of books.

Meditation is also another powerful way to direct your mind to other things in order to clear your thoughts and calm your emotions. Below are two meditation techniques you can use.

First Meditation Technique: Sit upright but comfortable in a chair, relax your body, with your eyes open, look at the roof of your nose for about fifteen minutes or more. When you are done, assess your emotional state.

Second Meditation Technique: Sit down comfortable in a chair, close your eyes, bend your head slightly backwards, and look between your eyebrows. Focus on your breath, while you look at that central point between your eyebrows for about fifteen minutes or more. When you are done, assess yourself.


  1. Don’t Bottle up Negative Emotions

Many people make the mistake of bottling up their emotions. Unexpressed emotions can be dangerous. They can find expression in little things.

When issues arise, it is better to deal with them and free your mind. Cry, if you have to. Talk to the right person about it and sort it out. If you keep bottling up negative emotions, you will express them unreasonably at the wrong time and to the wrong people.

Unexpressed emotions are like time bombs. You will surely shock yourself about the way you will express those bottled emotions.

  1. Watch High Expectations

It is good to be positive. It is good to aim big. It is good to expect the best. Nevertheless, we should not make ourselves victims of the devastating impact of our unfulfilled expectations.

Some negative emotions that can be generated by high expectations that have not been fulfilled are: fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, unbelief, discouragement, discontentment, uncertainty, anger, hatred, envy, jealousy, grief, despair, depression, sadness, unhappiness, impatience, frustration, desperation, disappointment, helplessness, powerlessness, pessimism, regret, blame, guilt, unworthiness, etc.

Please, take it easy on yourself. Remember, expectations that are not fulfilling today can be fulfilled tomorrow. Don’t allow your expectations to inflict unnecessary emotional pressure, pain or injury on you. Always endeavour to give room for the unexpected, and remember, the journey continues. You will surely get there if you don’t quit.

  1. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

We make ourselves victims of negative emotions when we compare ourselves with other people. Avoid comparisons and competitions. Compete with the old you. Compare yourself to the old you, not to any other person.

You did not come here to be better than another person. You only came here to be better than the person you were in the past. Do your thing. Your own turn will come.

  1. Be Patient

We are in a dispensation that wants things done with the speed of light. “Fast and Furious” has become the norm, thus, in the bid to achieve our dreams, we look for short cuts in our “fast and furious” schemes.

Avoid short cuts. You cannot cheat Nature. Follow the process. Everything you are learning through the process is for the future you have been dreaming about.

Be patient with yourself. Be patient with those around you. Be patient with the process. You might be using the wrong yardsticks to measure your progress. Remember, Life is a journey that we never arrive until at death. Be at peace with yourself. You will also arrive there.




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Fear Destroys Manifestation


Fear has several negative effects on our mortal body. It weakens our immune system, causes cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems, digestion disorders, stomach ulcers, decreased fertility, accelerated ageing, and even premature death. Fear is the greatest tool of the powers of darkness.

Furthermore, fear destroys our determination to fight for our dream. It makes us lose sight of victory. Fear destroys our patience, persistence, and perseverance. It is the most dangerous negative emotion that turns the table for the things we fear to become our realities.

Fear does not only have negative impact on our mortal body. It also has negative impact on our emotion body. It destroys the energy field we are building with our positive thoughts and our positive emotions, which attract the things we desire. When fear destroys the energy field, it interrupts the manifestation process of changing your realities with your thoughts.

Understand that only two powerful emotions rule over us. At every point in time, only one of these two emotions dominates us. These two emotions are love and fear. All the positive emotions originate from love. All the negative emotions originate from fear.

Some of the positive emotions are: love, delight, ebullience, ecstatic, elated, energized, enthusiastic, euphoric, excited, exhilarated, exuberant, overjoyed, bliss, optimistic, positive, tenacious, thrilled, uplifted, vibrant, ambitious, appreciation, gratitude, cheerful, elevated, joyful, jovial, lively, amused, contented, cool, genial, friendly, glad, grateful, keen, pleasant, pleased, satisfied, fulfilled, peace, peaceful, pride, hope, kindness, confidence, awe, etc. Take some time to look at those positive emotions if you can see their connection with love.

Let us also state some of the negative emotions so that you can take some time to look at each of them and identify their connection with fear. Some of the negative emotions are: fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, unbelief, discouragement, discontentment, uncertainty, anger, rage, revenge, hatred, envy, jealousy, grief, despair, depression, sadness, unhappiness, impatience, frustration, desperation, disappointment, helplessness, powerlessness, pessimism, regret, blame, guilt, unworthiness, etc.

If you look at them and you think that any of the positive emotions or the negative emotions stated above does not have any connection with love or fear respectively, kindly share your views with us on the subject.

Finally, one of the simple ways you can deal with fear is to consistently talk to yourself in this way: “I let go of every element of fear locked up within me. I am always bold and courageous.” You can also add it to your daily affirmations. You can also use them as your silent affirmations during your periods of meditation.

Our NEXT article will be dealing on the subject: How to Deal with Negative Emotions.




Negative Emotions Interfere With Manifestation


One of the major things that destroy the manifestation process of changing our realities with our thoughts is the interference of negative emotions. Most times, it is very difficult for us to detach ourselves from the negative people and the negative circumstances around us.

We must realize that whenever we are trapped in negative emotions, we are invariably emitting negative energy, which attract negative occurrences. Some of the negative occurrences in our lives are products of negative emotions, which are connected to negative thoughts.

Recently, something negative happened to me. I was so angry about it all day and noted several other negative occurrences that day. When I got home in the evening and took stock of the negative occurrences of the day, my mind pointed finger at my negative emotions.

Negativity from the physical can stir up negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can stir up negative emotions. Negative emotions can stir up negative energy. Negative energy can attract negative occurrences and it can even keep us bound to negative realities.

In order to manifest our desires, we must learn to master our emotions because there are many negative people around us who will continue to draw us into the mud of negative emotions when we are still struggling to deal with the negative circumstances around us.

There are several negative emotions. Some of them are: fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, unbelief, discouragement, discontentment, anger, rage, revenge, hatred, envy, jealousy, grief, greed, despair, depression, sadness, unhappiness, impatience, frustration, desperation, disappointment, helplessness, powerlessness, pessimism, regret, blame, guilt, unworthiness, etc.

These negative emotions interfere with the manifestation process of our desires. Whenever you find yourself in any of these negative emotions stated above, find your way out of them. They are the roadblocks that delays or even stops us on our journey of creating our realities with our thoughts.




Unworthiness Stifles Manifestation


We live in a world that always makes us think we do not deserve the good we desire. They force us to accept thoughts of unworthiness in our career, business, academics, spiritual work, and every other area of life.

They tell us we are not academically qualified for the job. They tell us we are not spiritually qualified for the blessing. They tell us we are not working hard enough, or we have not worked hard enough to earn the good we desire.

They make us think we are not so beautiful or intelligent to deserve the good we desire. They judge us with the past and make us think we are not worthy.

These thoughts of unworthiness have become deeply established in our subconscious mind. Thus, whenever we desire anything good; whenever we try to pursue any dream; the feedback we receive from within is that we are not worthy.

This silent feedback of unworthiness from our subconscious mind (and sometimes from our conscious mind) greatly works against the manifestation of the things we wish to manifest in our lives.

If you want to change your realities with your thoughts, you must think you are worthy.  Thus, you must deal with every thought or silent feedback of unworthiness. Unworthiness is one of the things that stifle the manifestation of our desires.

Whenever you receive that negative thought or feedback of unworthiness, immediately tell yourself, “I am worthy, deserving all the best things of life.” Say this to yourself several times until you silent that negative thought or feedback of unworthiness. You deserve all the good Life can offer.



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Resign from the Blame Club



The Blame Club is the oldest and the largest club in the world. Members of this club never see any reason to blame themselves for the things that happen in their life. When you truly discover the kind of thoughts governing your subconscious mind, you will realize that you are responsible for the things happening in your life.

Several years ago, I was discussing with a lady, and she told me, “all men are the same” and I told her “with this mindset of yours, you may only meet men that will fulfill that negative view you have.” I have not even known much about thoughts then. Recently, I saw her post and I went to her timeline on Facebook to assess her updates, and it was obvious that she is still lamenting, “all men are the same.”

She is one of those women that stand out in beauty, tall and beautiful, endowed with alluring curves and assets. So pretty but still single in her mid-thirties. Apparently, she is living in the reality of her thought patterns about men but she does not know. She has become stuck to her negative experiences with men. She does not think that a nice man can come her way and show her the love she deserves.

Since she is in the Blame Club, she will never sit down to look at her past relationships to identify the negative roles she played. She will continue to think men are the problem. If she does not deal with her secret thought patterns about men, she may never get married. To be treated well by men or women, you must first see them as good people, capable of treating you right.

Carefully assess your thoughts in that area that Life has been beating you black and blue. There is no negative reality in your life that cannot be traced to a negative thought. If all things are possible to him that believes, then, we can change our negative realities.

It is time to resign from the Blame Club! Find a reason to take blame for everything that has happened in your life. Those who sincerely take blame for everything that has happened in their lives always see better ways of doing things, and that is where change (or growth) begins.


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Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts

Reject The Old Measuring Standards




We recently went to interview some people in our city Yenagoa, and we discovered that financial and material possessions are the major yardsticks people use for measuring riches and wealth in our society.

Although, the old measuring yardstick is not totally wrong, however the negative impact is that many can hardly look beyond those negative results presented to them by that old measuring standard.

We must realize that if we continue to see ourselves through the pictures and images of the results we receive from that old measuring standard that our society has handed to us, our mind will remain stuck to those realities.

We must liberate our mind from the results of that old measuring standard of riches and wealth. We must train our mind to accept and perceive realities based on what we want.

If we tell our mind that we are rich and wealthy, irrespective of the results presented to us by that old measuring standard, it should agree with us, and start to see things that way. We cannot change our realities if our mind (specifically the subconscious mind) is always in disagreement with what we want.

Those who wish to change their realities with their thoughts must be able to accept riches and wealth as the reality of their thought world irrespective the results of the old measuring standard.

When you think you are poor, sick, or unlucky, how can you get out of that mess? Do you remember that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he? Free yourself from the chains of your negative thoughts and think positive .

Thoughts are powerful. When riches and wealth becomes very real to your thought world, your physical world will also change to reflect that beautiful thought reality.


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Thought Work Is The Real Work



Society has trained us to work hard without thought work. Thus, many of us have grown up to neglect the place of thought work in our journey into riches and wealth.

The good Book says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. In order words, if a man thinks (subconsciously and conscious) that he is rich and wealthy; he is rich and wealth.

Many people have not tried this thought work so they think it is too easy to be true. Well, if you try it, you will realize that this thought work is far more difficult than getting a job. That is the reason many can get a job but cannot “thought work” themselves into riches and wealth.

This “thought work” is where you conquer or lose the real battle into the realm of riches and wealth. It forms the strong foundation on which your hard work can produce riches and wealth.

No matter how hard you work, you must “thought-work” yourself and make your subconscious and conscious thoughts to agree that you are rich and wealthy.

You are the wealth you want to acquire. You are the riches you wish to acquire. Although, you are much more than that, however, you must accept this truth about your true being.

Never see what you are doing as a means of getting rich and wealthy because that is who you are. Whatever you are doing is just a means of expressing who you are in your thought world that is why you must change your thoughts to agree with this truth. If you can comprehend this truth about your true being, then your perception about your job, business, career, and every other endeavour will change.

Understand that if you are a poor man in your thought world, poverty will be your physical world reality. If you are a rich man in your thought world, riches will be your physical world reality. Riches and poverty are products of thought work.

The poverty or the riches and wealth you manifest as your physical reality, is dependent on what you think (subconsciously) about yourself. Remember, if your subconscious thoughts do not agree, your conscious thoughts alone cannot bring about the manifestation of your desire.

“Thought Work” is the “Real Work”. When you “thought work” yourself into the thought world of riches and wealth, and continue to dwell there daily, your realities will change to reflect your thought world realities.



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Change the Silent Feedback




Due to the importance we place on the thoughts of people, we went to one market in our city to interview some people to find out what they think about themselves. We met ten people and asked them these two simple questions:

  • Are you rich and wealthy?
  • If “Yes” why do you think you are rich and wealthy? Or if “No” why do you think you are not rich and wealthy?

We noted the way they answered these questions from a place of defense, trying to hide their secret thoughts behind the shaky sound of their voice, which brought our attention to the silent feedback that voices the state of our subconscious mind.

We need to give attention to the feedback we receive from within whenever we say things concerning our dreams. Now, let us be practical. Please, say to yourself, “I am rich and wealthy” and observe the kind of feedback you receive from within.

If you want to change your realities with your thoughts, you must focus on changing the silent feedback you receive from within, which voices the stand of your subconscious mind. Remember, it is the subconscious mind that runs things in our lives.

If that feedback agrees with the thought reality you wish to manifest, then you can be sure that your subconscious mind and your conscious mind agree. If your subconscious mind and your conscious mind agree, then manifestation is guaranteed.




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Let It Become So Real




Let us start by asking you some questions. Do you think someone somewhere has not become rich by doing what you are doing? Do you think they did much more than you did to get that lift? Why do you keep thinking you are not working hard enough? Take a purse and think again.

We are not trying to annul the place of hard work and persistence. You should continue to work hard. You should be consistent and persistent even as you work hard on that dream. However, we need to take stock and acknowledge some things happening around us.

Most of the times, we are quick to conclude that the person who failed had not done enough. However, someone somewhere did not do as much as what the apparently failed person did and opportunities presented themselves and turned the little efforts of such people into amazing results of riches and wealth.

Understand that whatever you do in this life, someone somewhere has become rich and wealthy through it. If you are a house help, labourer, cleaner, servant, cook, driver, truck pusher, etc., realize that someone has become rich and wealthy through such ordinary services. If you do not agree, please, hang on, we will be bring some of such stories to you on this blog.

Stop thinking you are not doing enough. Stop thinking what you are doing cannot bring the riches and wealth you desire. Use your thoughts to create your realities of riches and wealth. Let your thoughts become so real to you that everything around you just changes to reflect the riches and wealth in your thought world. This is the secret of changing your realities with your thoughts. Remember, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.


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