BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Flexibility is an Expression of Love


Years ago, I saw my neighbour struggling with his girlfriend. She held unto his weak shirt and tore tore. The young man was fuming and was threatening to beat her up. The height of the woman was just around his chest. She was even pregnant, but was daring the young man that was far taller and very muscular.

I quickly intervened, separated them, and took the young man aside to talk with him. He began telling me that his girlfriend wants him to see her off to the house. “What is wrong with that?” I asked impatiently.

He explained that he was already late for work, so he pleaded with her that he was just going to see her off to the road, so that he could return to the house, prepare and go to work but she did not agree with it. He decided that he was going to do what he had proposed to her. So he saw her off to the road and began returning home but she rushed towards him and held unto his shirt, until it was torn.

When I look at how determined the young lady was, I pleaded with him that he should quickly take her home. He did not agree with me as first but when I made him see reasons, he agreed and quickly took her home, returned, prepared, and went to work.

(The young man and the woman were not officially married but she was carrying his child. I guess, the reality of having a child outside wedlock was tormenting her. She might be getting some relief every morning, when he took her to her father’s house , after she had slept over at his place. He has been doing it every day but she still wanted it at all cost that day.)


Sometimes, some of the things women demand from men, could be ridiculous, but it is very important to them. Imagine a pregnant woman, risking her life and the life of her unborn child, ready to receive any brutal beating from her tall and muscular boyfriend because he did not see her off to the house.

Flexibility can solve such problems and even many more. Sometimes, just advice yourself and do that thing for peace to reign. I am not talking to the men alone. I am talking to the women too.

Nothing makes a woman to feel so loved like when she knows you are doing something because of her. The same applies to every man. Flexibility is an expression of love.

Flexibility is one of the great secrets of successful marriages. No marriage can work without the flexibility of those involved. The man must be flexibility. The woman must be flexible too.

The subject of flexibility, tends to affect more men than women. The expectation of the society places a demand on every woman to submit to her husband. Thus, that has already prepared the heart of every women for flexibility.

It is normal for women to be flexible. They only become inflexible when they have been pushed to the wall. Else, most women do not have problem with flexibility. Thus, sometimes, men should be flexible to their spouse as a show of love.



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The Child of the Creek

Child of the Creek Cover jpeg22.jpg

The Child of the Creek is a love story, which is surrounded by several conflicts stirred up by unforgiveness, pride, ego, selfishness, and personal interest. These conflicts began when Tobho beat up Ebiere at the waterside after a minor disagreement. Her elder brother, Keme, made efforts to retaliate and was also beaten up by Tobho.

This led to several other conflicts until it gave birth to major communal war, where Ayi, Tobho’s grandmother, and several other people were brutally killed by Keme and his men. The people of the community fled to other villages for safety due to the communal crisis as Keme and his men dominated the land and continued to kill those who were in opposition to their activities. They burnt down houses and destroyed several properties.

Soon, the news of the communal crisis reached the government and several troops of the military was sent to the community. When the military came to intervene, Keme and his men refused to take a bow. They stood against the military in another fierce battle but as they were running out of weapons, some of them withdrew and escaped into the forest but the military went after them and killed most of them. Consequently, several young men, including Keme, lost their lives in the fierce battle between the military and the village boys.

The news of the death of Keme and his men restored peace in Ebiama community but the impact of the communal crisis was unforgettable. Those who lost their loved ones silently nursed their pain. Tobho’s family was mourning the death of Ayi. Ebiere and her family was mourning the death of Keme, the only son of Perekeme’s nuclear family.

The warring families seem to be in an irreconcilable enmity. Nevertheless, Tobho and Ebiere, who ought to distant themselves from each other, suddenly revealed their intention of getting married through the lips of Gidigidi, the chief priest of Edeni, the god of war and protection. Their parents were shocked and left to decide the fate of the secret lovers, right before the presence of the leaders and elders of the village.

The novel is a fiction; however, real life occurrences and experiences are carefully pictured in the pages of the book. This deliberate style of writing serves to remind the people of Niger Delta about the impact of the violence that took place in the region in the years past. The novel was written to expose and highlight some of the elements that had contributed to the violence in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria in the years past.

The novel is a special novel for the Ijaw people. As we (specifically the people of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria) read the pages of this book, we will find better ways of resolving our disputes instead of taking the part of violence that had brought about the loss of valuable properties and sadly the death of several young people in the region.

We can agree that most of these elements that had contributed to the violence in the region are still staring at the face of the people today. Moreover, even in recent past, these crises continue to surface with different monstrous faces in the region; however, we should learn from our past and make up our minds to resolve our disputes by adopting better approaches.

The Child of the Creek captures occurrences that took place before Independence to the present. It explores some of the fundamental cultural and traditional activities of the Ijaw people. The novel is historical, educative, and informative. It is captivating and thrilling, full of suspense. It has a very unique narrative style. The language of the novel is simple and can be read and understood by both children and adults. It is a great novel that can be used to study the unique cultures and traditions of the Ijaw People.


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You Can Change Those Negative Realities If You Do This


When we learn to organize and harmonize our body, mind, emotions, and energy, ensuring that they consistently agree with our desired thought reality, then we can manifest our desired thought reality.

The battle of organizing and harmonizing the body, mind, emotions, and energy takes place in the mind. According to experts, the mind thinks between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day, 2,500 to 3,300 thoughts per hour, and 41 to 55 thoughts per minute. The figure is very close to one thought every second.

Even if we reduce the above estimate from experts to 10 different thoughts per minute, you can still acknowledge that training the mind to focus on just one thing for a minute is going to be the greatest fight of all time for many people. Some will not even conceive the strange idea of trying to stay with one thought for a minute.

Now, if you can rightly direct your mind to focus on one positive thought reality you wish to manifest, all day long in order to fuel your active energy, you can change those negative realities. To learn the right attitudes of staying with your thoughts, check our old article titled, The Right Attitude of Staying With Your Dream.  

One of the ways you can stay with your thoughts is by recording that thing you want to manifest with your phone and listen to it as often as you can all day long. For instance, you can record the following and listen to it regularly if you want to manifest more money.

  • Money comes to me frequently, in increasing quantities, through multiple sources, in all the currencies of the world. I am rich and wealthy for life.

When you do this, in every minute, you will successfully plant your desired thought reality into your mind, making it your dormant daily thought. You can also listen to it as the first thing when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing before going to bed. Furthermore, you can meditate (talk silently and loudly to yourself) on those things you want to manifest.

Finally, you can also surround yourself with pictures of the thing you want to manifest. You can use it as wallpaper or screensaver. You can also keep it on the wall, somewhere your eyes can always see. Soon, your desired thought reality will become your normal thought pattern, and that will bring about the manifestation of your desire.


The greatest problem we usually face trying to manifest what we want is our inability to maintain the direction of our thoughts. We just keep on changing the direction of our thoughts from one thing to the other as though we do not really know what we want or where we wish to go.

We act like that pilot who wants to fly a plane to a destination at the north, but just keeps on changing direction from north to east, east to south, south to west, and from west back to north. Such a pilot will only end up exhausting the available fuel in the plane without getting to his desired destination at the north.

Similarly, like that pilot, we just keep on wasting our energy or fuel on the wrong things that will not take us to our desired destination or attract the things we want into our lives. We just keep on interrupting the manifestation process with our conflicting body language, thoughts, emotions, and energy.

To manifest our desired thought realities, we must be deliberate about the direction, focus, and attention of our thoughts. Our mind can not dwell continuously on any negative or contrary thought that will not serve the manifestation of our desired thought realities.

To manifest our desired thought realities, we must ensure that our body agrees with our mind concerning that thought reality we wish to manifest. Our mind must agree with our emotions, and our emotions must agree with our energy (the active energy or vibration).


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The Talking-Drum and Other Poems


talkingdrum1 copy_dd.jpg

The Talking-Drum and Other Poems is a response to the happenings in the author’s society as it struggles through the different stages of democratic leadership. It brings pictures and images of the plight of the people of his society.

The people have been crying about their plights and every heart desires a change but the questions are: Who will bring about this change? How and when will it happen? As these questions remain unanswered, the people continue to wait for a Saviour while human and financial resources are continuously wasted by the policies of the rulers.

The first part of the collection of poems is about politics. It depicts the misery of the needy, the dispossessed, the oppressed, the ruled and the exploited as they suffer at the hands of unjust leaders. The second part of the collection of poems is about love, life and nature.


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Poem: A Note to the Dancers


The pots are boiling
The cooks are cooking

The drums are beating
The dancers will soon start bleeding

Put down your swords
Don’t kill your brother with words

Soon, the dancers will be forgotten
When the meal gets to the dinning

Those who know the story
Make no enemy
In political seasons

©Joel Solomon Tekenate



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Adjust Your Camera And Snap Butterflies


Many people are continuously deceived by their cameras. Their cameras only focus on the negative realities around them. They are so used to snapping the wrong things around them that they can no longer see the beautiful things around them.

Have you been focusing your cameras on the negative things around you in such a way that you could no longer see any beauty in your world? How have you been using the camera of your thoughts and attention?

One day, I walked out of the house early in the morning and walked into nature. My attention shifted from the beautiful green grasses to the mild sun rising from the east. So I decided to gaze at the sun. As I was gazing at the sun, I began to see more beauty around me.

I saw different inexplicable and colourful beauty of the sunlight. I saw the beauty of the blue sky. I saw birds flying and singing into my ears. I saw several beautiful and colourful insects and heard some of them buzzing into my ears.

One insect that got my attention was the butterfly. I suddenly realized that I could not remember when I last saw a butterfly. It could be far more than fifteen years. I stayed so long in the densely populated areas of the city, where I could hardly see butterflies.

Now, I am in another city, a developing city. Green grasses surrounded our house, but my eyes have never captured this beautiful insect. So I stopped gazing at the sun to have a close look at the colourful butterfly, flying some distance away from me.

The butterfly brought memories of my childhood in the village. When I was a child, I used to hunt for some species of butterflies that flew in large groups in certain seasons of the year. Fascinated by the flying butterfly, I started smiling. I began to realize that we could have so much beauty around us and may not notice it.


As I am writing this article, I stopped at this point and went to acknowledge the beauty of Nature around me. Again, I saw the beautiful blue sky, adorable green grasses, appealing sunflowers, and several insects including the butterfly.

Nature was singing different songs into my ears through the sound of chirping of birds. I heard some beautiful birds saying “Hello” to me, and I found myself smiling at Nature.

Suddenly, I began to see several things to be grateful. Good healthy (This alone, all the money in the world cannot purchase it). Ever increasing divine illumination, awareness, and insight. Divine safety, protection, and preservation. The list is just endless.

When last did you acknowledge the beautiful things around you and gratitude suddenly began to build up within you! When last did you acknowledge those little but priceless things around you. What have you been focusing on with your cameras?

Adjust your camera and look again. There is so much beauty in your world. Change the focus of your camera and look again. You can stop what you are doing and go outside to look at the beauty of Nature around you. If a good photographer comes to where you are, his camera will pick something beautiful around you. Look again, there are several beautiful things around you.


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P-BOUNCE AND P-SWING EXERCISES: Three Amazing Benefits of these Exercises


It is normal for the erection of a man to get weaker as he increases in age. Several things may contribute to this problem. However, we have discovered two powerful and effective exercises that will deal with this problem of weak erection.

We call them P-Bounce Exercise and P-Swing Exercise.

If you are just joining us, we have posted a beautiful article on this subject. Please, kindly go and read it too. The tittle of that article is, P-BOUNCE AND P-SWING EXERCISES:  The Most Powerful and Effective Exercises for Rock Hard Erection.

Today, we want to talk about three amazing benefits of P-Bounce and P-Swing Exercises.

  1. P-Bounce and P-Swing Exercises are done simultaneously With Kegel Exercise

The major exercise you can hear people talk about that deals with erectile dysfunctions is the Kegel Exercise.

Now, let us look at the Kegel Exercise.  How is the Kegel Exercise done?

Whenever you feel pressed by urine, fart or faeces, there are certain pelvic floor muscles you tend to hold together or squeeze together. The contraction of these muscles of the pelvic floor helps you to control the pressure of the urine, fart or faeces until you are ready to ease yourself.

This contraction, holding together or squeezing together of those pelvic floor muscles and a corresponding release of those muscles is what is being referred to as the Kegel Exercise.

One remarkable thing you need to know about the P-Bounce and the P-Swing Exercises is that whenever you perform these two exercises, you can simultaneously perform them with the Kegel Exercise.

When you are performing the P-Bounce and the P-Swing Exercises, for every session, you can hold together or squeeze together the pelvic floor muscles as though you are restricting urine, fart or faeces. At the end of the session, your release the pelvic floor muscles.

For example, for the P-Bounce, if for every one session, you make your penis to go upwards and downwards for 10 times before you allow it to bounce, during that session, ensure that you hold your pelvic floor muscles as though you are restricting urine, fart or faeces.

Also for the P-Swing, if for every one session, you do 20 swings, ensure that you hold your pelvic floor muscles as though you are restricting urine, fart or faeces all through the session.

If this explanation is not clear to you, please go and watch our YouTube video. You can also listen to videos on the Kegel Exercise to gather more information.

The P-Bounce and the P-Bounce Exercises can be done or are done simultaneously with the Kegel Exercise. This simultaneous performance of the P-Bounce and the P-Swing Exercises along with the Kegel Exercise is what makes these two exercises the most effective and powerful exercises you can find in the net.

  1. P-Bounce and P-Swing Exercises have direct impact on all the muscles and nerves of your penis.

Another remarkable thing about these two exercises is the direct impact they have on all the muscles and the nerves penis. During the exercises, all the muscles and the nerves of your penis are strenuously exercised for toughness and hardness.

When you try this exercise, you will understand what we are talking about. You will feel the impact of the exercise on all the nerves and muscles your penis. Just try it. We are waiting patiently for your feedback.

  1. P-Bounce and P-Swing Exercises have direct impact on all the muscles and nerves connected to erection.

Another beautiful thing about P-Bounce and the P-Bounce Exercises is the impact on all the other muscles and the nerves connected erection. Every other muscles or nerves connected to erection receive its own share of the impact of the exercise.

This is the reason you will experience some pains around your groin, lower abdomen, sides and even your back. You can even feel some pain on your chest. You will feel more pains when you are a beginner. Understand that these pains are normal pains associated with exercises. But as you continue doing these exercises, you will not feel those pains again.

In summary, we are saying:

  1. The P-Bounce and the P-Bounce Exercises are done simultaneously with the Kegel Exercise.
  2. The P-Bounce and the P-Bounce Exercises have direct impact on the muscle and nerves of your penis.
  3. The P-Bounce and the P-Bounce Exercises have direct impact on all the other muscles and nerves connected to erection.

You can watch our YouTube video on this subject on the link below. We have two YouTube videos on this subject. Check them out. Don’t allow the quality of the videos rob you of the vital information you will receive.

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One of the reasons many people are not enjoying their relationship is because they have too many high expectations for their spouse or partner. They have forgotten that they, themselves, have not been able to live up to their own high expectations, yet they want another person to live up to them.

There is a way they want their spouse to love, talk, dress, walk, drink, eat, cook, sing, pray, wash, sweep, and live life. There is nothing wrong with expecting the best from your spouse, however, if you are not watchful, you will get so attachment to those high expectations, and that can make you a victim of the negative emotions generated by your unfulfilled expectations.

Some of the negative emotions generated by unfulfilled expectations include fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, unbelief, discouragement, discontentment, anger, rage, revenge, hatred, envy, jealousy, grief, despair, depression, sadness, unhappiness, unforgiveness, impatience, frustration, desperation, disappointment, regret, blame, guilt, helplessness, powerlessness, pessimism, unworthiness, etc.

You cannot enjoy your relationship when your heart is choked by all these negative emotions. Help yourself by preparing your heart to enjoy the way things unfold in your relationship. Detach yourself from your expectations. Detach yourself from the good things that happened yesterday that you wish to experience today, and enjoy what your relationship is offering.

The things your relationship cannot offer today, it could offer them tomorrow. Relationships are not meant for immediate benefits alone. They are meant for long-term benefits. Not every relationship can offer you immediate benefits. Thus, if you receive any immediate benefit, enjoy it and remember that is not all. If you don’t receive any immediate benefit, be patient, something big is on the way.

Many people have lost several great opportunities and gains from their relationships because they allowed immediate benefits to determine the fate of their relationships. Don’t destroy your relationships because of immediate benefits. What is ahead could be far bigger and greater than what you are already experiencing. Enjoy the gentle flow of your relationship.


Don’t allow your high expectations to rob you of the joyful moments of your relationship. Have you ever noticed that no matter how beautiful God has created some people, they still tend to have something to complain about? Some of us want to be taller. Some of us want a lighter complexion. Some want a different facial look. Some want a different size of lips. Some want a different kind of nose. Some want smaller or bigger butts or boobs. Some want a different gender, etc.

That is man for you. Even God has not met their expectations. Now, if God could not meet our human expectations, do you think your spouse, who is another human being like you, can ever meet your expectations? We need to wake up and face reality. Nobody can live up to our expectations! Our spouse is no exception. This is not an advocacy for weaknesses; it is just a simple reminder of our weaknesses.

Don’t put on that mindset that your spouse owes you that special good treatment you are expecting. Indeed, you deserve that special good treatment but allow it to flow naturally. If she cooks very well today, be thankful and enjoy it. If she keeps the house neat today, be thankful and enjoy it. If she washes and irons for you today, be thankful and enjoy it. If she supports you today, be thankful and enjoy it. When you did not see any of those things from her, tell yourself that better days are ahead, and indeed, better days are ahead.

The same applies to the women. If he supports you to do the house chores today, be thankful and enjoy it. If he provides for the house and even for your people today, be thankful and enjoy it. If he buys you gifts today, be thankful and enjoy it. If he takes you out today for dinner or any other merriment today, my dear be thankful and enjoy it. When you do not see any of those things from him, tell yourself that better days are ahead.

That man or woman seemingly smiling at you might be dealing with several issues in his or her heart. He or she sometimes forgets the good things he or she wishes to do for himself or herself, let alone another person. Thus, whenever, he or she remembers and does anything nice for you, be reasonable enough to be grateful and enjoy it.


We are not trying to tell you to expect negative things from your spouse. We are only telling you to enjoy things the way they unfold. We are not also saying you should not correct your spouse. We are only saying you should enjoy the ride of your relationship without being too attached to your high expectations.

When you build your expectations based on the experiences of yesterday, or on the experiences of other people; you are setting up yourself for a big unpleasant surprise in the nearest future. Appreciate and enjoy the little good your relationship delivers into your hands at every moment of your journey.

Don’t allow your high expectations to rob you of those big celebrations of today’s little victories. You will only end up frustrating yourself and making yourself unhappy regularly. Enjoy the way things unfold in your relationship with your spouse.

It is normal to expect that food should be ready when you return from work, but if you return and there is no food, you don’t have to make a war out of your expectation. Rather, look for a way to turn the cooking process into another memorable time of fun with your spouse.

Don’t allow your high expectations to stir up unnecessary strife in your home. Avoid unnecessary drama and prepare your mind to enjoy the way things unfold every moment of the day. The moment is what you have at the moment, so enjoy the moment in your relationship.

The Sunset of Love


The Sunset of Love is about the love affair between Ebitobho and Juliet. They had a very enviable relationship for several months but things began to change as Ebitobho began to take his religious activities more seriously than their relationship. In flowing streams of tears, Juliet brought Ebitobho’s attentions to his attitude towards her. He acknowledged it and starting making  amends.

Nevertheless, Ebitobho soon took his religious activities to the next level, when Juliet was away from Port Harcourt for about three months because of school. She returned from school and met an empty house, all the electrical appliances were no longer in the house. She asked him and found out that he had given out those properties to fund some religious activities. She was stunned and irritated. Their discussion soon turned into an intense argument that led to their separation.

The novel pictures the effect of religious extremism in our relationship with people. We often take our religious beliefs to the extreme without caring if our beliefs are affecting or destroying our relationships with our loved ones and other people. Many prefer to part ways with their loved ones in order to hold on tenaciously to their religious beliefs. They do not ever think of adjusting their beliefs in order to accommodate people who have been a part of their lives for years, in order to maintain and retain the beautiful relationship they have built over the years.

The novel laments on how such rigid belief patterns separated Ebitobho and Juliet, who had a beautiful and enviable love affair before they were separated by the sword of extreme religious beliefs. Such separations are not peculiar to the characters in this novel alone. Many are victims of extreme religious beliefs.

Extreme religious beliefs have made brothers to draw swords and pull guns at each other. The same thing has turned loving sisters into warring enemies. It has destroyed many beautiful relationships between parents and their children. The same thing has destroyed many relationships in our society.

Rigid and extreme religious beliefs and its way of life has become the cruel hand that has been destroying the strong bond of love between people. In recent times, the death of many innocent people from terrorist attacks globally is connected to the same extreme and rigid belief patterns of some religious fundamentalists.

The Sunset of Love is used to caution extreme and rigid teachings and beliefs. The author used his personal experiences and the experiences of people around him to write the novel. The novel is educating, enlightening, and entertaining.


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Accept the New Measuring Standards



We have been using the old measuring standard of riches and wealth for too long due to societal influence. One of the major negative impacts of using the old measuring standard is the enslavement of our minds to the results it presents to us. When our minds cannot allow us to perceive something better than the realities presented to us by that old measuring standard, we will continuously remain stuck to those negative realities.

We are going to introduce two new measuring standards of riches and wealth. However, we would still like to refer you to one of our previous articles titled, Reject the Old Measuring Standards. If you are reading this article, we recommend that you still go back and read that article so that you can get a broader and better understanding of what we are trying to say about this important subject.

The two new measuring standards are: SELF and THOUGHTS

  1. Self

The old measuring standard for riches and wealth has been based on financial and material possessions. Only few people have been able to recognize life, health, family, friends, gifts and talents, knowledge, and wisdom as other measures of wealth. All these measurements are correct but we must train ourselves to see beyond those old measuring standards if we want to be free from the shackles of thoughts that keep us bound in poverty.

We must train our minds to look away from everything, and see SELF as wealth and riches. This will be very difficult for many due to the years of influence from the old measuring standard. However, we need to realize that riches and wealth proceeds from us. They are mere rewards of what we could pull out from within. In order words, riches and wealth are mere rewards or benefits of the expressions of SELF.

When we pick up that special thing within SELF and use it to impact our world, the reward is riches and wealth. Yours could be a simple ability to cook, dance, act, sing, talk, or write. Another could be to do sports and games. Another could be to provide one unique service or the other. If we look at our societies, we will realize that people earn a living from even those simple things we take for granted. However, we must realize that that gift or talent is not the true wealth or riches. The individual exhibiting that gift or talent is the true wealth or riches.

We’ve got to get this right. That celebrated gift or talent is just one insignificant endowment of that person. He or she was just able to pull out that one gift or talent from within SELF and utilize it. There are still several other dormant gifts or talents, which could still make him or her a wonder to his or her world and be celebrated if he or she can only pull them out and utilize them. That is the reason you must see SELF as the riches and the wealth, even though you are far more than riches and wealth.

Henceforth, one of the new measuring standards you should use to measure and classify yourself as one of the rich and wealth should be SELF. That YOU, is the wealth. That YOU, is the riches. That YOU, is the abundance. That YOU, is everything material possession you want to acquire. That YOU, is even far more than those things you crave to acquire.

You’ve got to get this. If you are finding it difficult accepting this truth, take a pause. There is no need for you to read further in a rush if you have not gotten this truth about your true being. Read this article again, from the beginning and force this Truth down the throat of your heart.

You are the riches and the wealth. SELF is the riches and the wealth. You must acknowledge this Truth, and begin to spend time with SELF. The more you spend time with SELF, the more you will be able to pull out treasures from within. Bodiless, Thoughtless, and Mindless Meditation is a great way to spend time with SELF.

In our new Book, Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts, we dealt with all the different types of meditation, including the Bodiless, Thoughtless, and Mindless Meditation. You can read that book for FREE on Amazon Kindle. The link to the book is below this article.


  1. Thoughts

The second new measuring standard you should use henceforth should be your very own thoughts of riches and wealth. The good Holy Bible declares, “for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” It did not say, “a man is what he possesses.” Paraphrasing the above verse of Scripture, we could say that what a man thinks in his heart that he possesses, will become his possession. What you think you are, is what you are.

Tell yourself, “I am rich and wealthy because I think so; for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Tell everyone you wish to tell around you that you are rich and wealthy because you think so. Believe this truth with all your heart. There is more to riches and wealth that can never be measured by any measuring scale or standard. You are not truly rich and wealthy if there is a measuring scale that can measure your riches and wealth. True riches and wealth are immeasurable.

The more you say you are rich and wealthy, the more your faith and confidence will grow. Soon, it will become a normal thought pattern. When your old poverty thought pattern changes into the new rich and wealthy thought pattern; things will change. You will become what you think. You will become one of the rich and wealthy. The secret is that you must first see yourself as one of the rich and wealthy before you can begin to manifest that reality in your life.

You have to believe that you are the rich and wealth. The responsibility to believe is yours. Hold tenaciously onto this truth without wavering and the physical realities will change to reflect it. Lift yourself and place yourself among the rich and wealthy by using your very own thoughts and words to measure your riches and wealth; for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Never make the mistake of bringing yourself down with your very own thoughts, expressed by your words. Never use the size of your wallet, pocket, or bank account statement to measure your riches and wealth as you have always done in the past like the rest of the world. Never use material possessions to measure your riches and wealth. You will betray and overthrow yourself.

Those old measuring standards will only bring you low and bind you in the place of poverty and penury. You can never rise above the negative results of those erroneous measuring standards. Those measuring standards will secretly influence and control your mind and that will continuously keep you in that limiting end of life.

Break out! Break free! Rise up with your very own thoughts! Lift yourself with your very own words and place yourself among the class of the rich and the wealthy. Do not bring yourself down by accepting the old measuring standard of the world. It is a trap for those that have not been illuminated by this truth.

Accept the new measuring standard! Lift yourself and place yourself among the rich and wealthy by using the new measuring standards: SELF and THOUGHTS. This is one of the secrets of the rich and wealthy.



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