How to Deal with Negative Emotions

We generally think that our emotion is from our thought body (the mind) nevertheless, if we use the seven dimensional bodies as our guide, we will realize that our emotion is coming from a different dimensional body. Our emotions are from our emotion body, which is an inner and a more powerful dimensional body toContinue reading “How to Deal with Negative Emotions”

Fear Destroys Manifestation

Fear has several negative effects on our mortal body. It weakens our immune system, causes cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems, digestion disorders, stomach ulcers, decreased fertility, accelerated ageing, and even premature death. Fear is the greatest tool of the powers of darkness. Furthermore, fear destroys our determination to fight for our dream. It makes us loseContinue reading “Fear Destroys Manifestation”

Negative Emotions Interfere With Manifestation

One of the major things that destroy the manifestation process of changing our realities with our thoughts is the interference of negative emotions. Most times, it is very difficult for us to detach ourselves from the negative people and the negative circumstances around us. We must realize that whenever we are trapped in negative emotions,Continue reading “Negative Emotions Interfere With Manifestation”

Unworthiness Stifles Manifestation

We live in a world that always makes us think we do not deserve the good we desire. They force us to accept thoughts of unworthiness in our career, business, academics, spiritual work, and every other area of life. They tell us we are not academically qualified for the job. They tell us we areContinue reading “Unworthiness Stifles Manifestation”

Resign from the Blame Club

  The Blame Club is the oldest and the largest club in the world. Members of this club never see any reason to blame themselves for the things that happen in their life. When you truly discover the kind of thoughts governing your subconscious mind, you will realize that you are responsible for the thingsContinue reading “Resign from the Blame Club”

Reject The Old Measuring Standards

    We recently went to interview some people in our city Yenagoa, and we discovered that financial and material possessions are the major yardsticks people use for measuring riches and wealth in our society. Although, the old measuring yardstick is not totally wrong, however the negative impact is that many can hardly look beyondContinue reading “Reject The Old Measuring Standards”