A colleague once told me a story. According to him, he was one of those husbands who could cook very well. He cooked far better than his wife. Thus, from time to time, he took turn in the kitchen to cook for his wife and children. Their little children would commend him for the beautifulContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Don’t Break Your Arm of Strength”

Dreams are for the Dreamers

There has been no time people believe in dreamers. If you are a great dreamer, you might have already noticed that people hardly believe in your dreams. If this is your story, welcome to the world of dreamers. Dreams are for the dreamers. Whenever you tell them what you saw in your dream, they laughContinue reading “Dreams are for the Dreamers”

The Right Attitude of Staying With Your Dreams

    Many people have not learnt the right attitude of staying with the thoughts of their dream. Whenever they remember their dreams, they only end up thinking about the negative things that has been limiting them. They think about the money and the other resources they do not have to accomplish that dream. TheyContinue reading “The Right Attitude of Staying With Your Dreams”


We are always in a quest for something better. Thus, looking for a perfect spouse is just another quest for something better. However, most times, we forget to realize that there is no perfect person. Meaning, that wild quest for someone better is just another futile adventure that will never end. We must realize thatContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Be the Arm of Strength”

How Many Blows Can You Take For Your Dream?

One of my friends was in love with a lady. However, he had five obstacles to deal with. Obstacle number one: she was from a rich family. Obstacle number two: she was one year older than he was. Obstacle number three: she was in a class ahead of him. Obstacle number four: they have had a quarrel before, andContinue reading “How Many Blows Can You Take For Your Dream?”

Building Your Desired Active Energy

Making our active energy align with our desired thought realities is very important if we want to change our realities with our thoughts. The active energy is the power of creation and attraction. Our active energy generates the creating and the attracting power in us. It also engages the powers of the universe to workContinue reading “Building Your Desired Active Energy”

Active Energy, Force Field or Vibration

The energy body is responsible for the energy or vibrations we emit from our multi-dimensional body. However, that energy or vibration we emit from our energy body was created by the data signals received from our mortal body, our breath body, our thought body, and our emotion body. For instance, when you do not haveContinue reading “Active Energy, Force Field or Vibration”

BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Remember the Qualities of Your Spouse

We tend to act as perfect people when dealing with the flaws of other people. This attitude has crawled into our relationship with our spouse. Some of us always look out for the flaws of our spouse, forgetting we also have our own flaws. Most times, we quickly take the judgmental position to nail ourContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Remember the Qualities of Your Spouse”

Clean Up Your Thought House

Many people want their physical realities to change but they are not ready to play their roles. They want God or other people to play the roles that they are supposed to play. When you stay around them, you will realize that they have such an appalling thought pattern of negativity, which obviously plays outContinue reading “Clean Up Your Thought House”