You Can Change Those Negative Realities If You Do This

When we learn to organize and harmonize our body, mind, emotions, and energy, ensuring that they consistently agree with our desired thought reality, then we can manifest our desired thought reality. The battle of organizing and harmonizing the body, mind, emotions, and energy takes place in the mind. According to experts, the mind thinks betweenContinue reading “You Can Change Those Negative Realities If You Do This”

Poem: A Note to the Dancers

The pots are boiling The cooks are cooking The drums are beating The dancers will soon start bleeding Put down your swords Don’t kill your brother with words Soon, the dancers will be forgotten When the meal gets to the dinning Those who know the story Make no enemy In political seasons ©Joel Solomon TekenateContinue reading “Poem: A Note to the Dancers”

Adjust Your Camera And Snap Butterflies

Many people are continuously deceived by their cameras. Their cameras only focus on the negative realities around them. They are so used to snapping the wrong things around them that they can no longer see the beautiful things around them. Have you been focusing your cameras on the negative things around you in such aContinue reading “Adjust Your Camera And Snap Butterflies”

P-BOUNCE AND P-SWING EXERCISES: Three Amazing Benefits of these Exercises

It is normal for the erection of a man to get weaker as he increases in age. Several things may contribute to this problem. However, we have discovered two powerful and effective exercises that will deal with this problem of weak erection. We call them P-Bounce Exercise and P-Swing Exercise. If you are just joiningContinue reading “P-BOUNCE AND P-SWING EXERCISES: Three Amazing Benefits of these Exercises”


One of the reasons many people are not enjoying their relationship is because they have too many high expectations for their spouse or partner. They have forgotten that they, themselves, have not been able to live up to their own high expectations, yet they want another person to live up to them. There is aContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Enjoy the Way Things Unfold”

The Sunset of Love

The Sunset of Love is about the love affair between Ebitobho and Juliet. They had a very enviable relationship for several months but things began to change as Ebitobho began to take his religious activities more seriously than their relationship. In flowing streams of tears, Juliet brought Ebitobho’s attentions to his attitude towards her. HeContinue reading “The Sunset of Love”

Accept the New Measuring Standards

  We have been using the old measuring standard of riches and wealth for too long due to societal influence. One of the major negative impacts of using the old measuring standard is the enslavement of our minds to the results it presents to us. When our minds cannot allow us to perceive something betterContinue reading “Accept the New Measuring Standards”

The War They Don’t Talk About That is Killing More People

  War has become a common incident in our society and that can be seen on our television screens. It has become so common that the death of fellow humans no longer mean anything to most people. Every day, we hear one country, one kingdom, one community, or one group fighting the other. When oneContinue reading “The War They Don’t Talk About That is Killing More People”

P-BOUNCE AND P-SWING EXERCISES: The Most Powerful and Effective Exercises for Rock Hard Erection

During one of my meditation sessions, I received an intuitive knowledge about two powerful exercises for rock hard erection. I have practiced them for more than one year and have seen the effectiveness of these two exercises. At first, I never felt the need to share them due to my religious orientation that frowns atContinue reading “P-BOUNCE AND P-SWING EXERCISES: The Most Powerful and Effective Exercises for Rock Hard Erection”