Thoughts Are Destinations, Locations, Places, Or Environments

Thoughts are destinations, locations, places, or environments. They are more than intangible pictures and images flying in our minds. Thoughts are actually destinations, locations, places, or environments in the unseen realms. This is the reason when we remain on certain thoughts in our thought world, we find ourselves living in those realities in the physicalContinue reading “Thoughts Are Destinations, Locations, Places, Or Environments”

A Walk Into Divine Health

    The ordinary human life cannot give you divine health, which is a consistent state of wholeness and soundness of health. Due to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden; the originally flawless human body has been altered and distorted to accommodate and produce sickness, disease, sin and death. The ordinary humanContinue reading “A Walk Into Divine Health”

BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Accept Your Spouse Completely and Totally

Many people find it difficult accepting their spouse completely and totally. They want a spouse with a different complexion, height, weight, body shape, facial look, voice texture, academic background, religious background, family background, ethnic background, etc. In other words, they either wanted something else or they want something more. This makes them uncomfortable around theirContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Accept Your Spouse Completely and Totally”

Thoughts Are Vehicles

Thoughts are indeed vehicles. Just like every other vehicle transports people from one destination to the other, thoughts also convey people from one destination of their dreams or desires to the other. Even though, sometimes, there may be delays along these journeys of life just like in natural situations with vehicles, however, if people canContinue reading “Thoughts Are Vehicles”

Poem: The Old Soothsayer

  The old soothsayer With his face painted Like the white spots of a leopard Danced awkwardly Into the playground Colourfully dressed He abruptly stopped dancing And looked around Immediately noted mischief But the people are too drunk With the wine of the season The drumbeats Getting louder The old playground Now filled With praiseContinue reading “Poem: The Old Soothsayer”

Your Thoughts Can Show You The Way

Life is a journey. Our thoughts show the path or direction of this journey. In other words, thoughts are the pathfinders. Like a sheep, led to the slaughter, we powerlessly and helplessly follow the path or the direction shown to us by our thoughts. Our thoughts have always shown us the path to follow andContinue reading “Your Thoughts Can Show You The Way”

Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts

Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts is a product of years of research aimed at making the reader to realize how much he or she has been contributing to his or her negative or positive experiences in life with his or her very own thoughts irrespective of the powers or forces working behind the sceneContinue reading “Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts”

BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Flexibility is an Expression of Love

Years ago, I saw my neighbour struggling with his girlfriend. She held unto his weak shirt and tore tore. The young man was fuming and was threatening to beat her up. The height of the woman was just around his chest. She was even pregnant, but was daring the young man that was far tallerContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Flexibility is an Expression of Love”

The Child of the Creek

The Child of the Creek is a love story, which is surrounded by several conflicts stirred up by unforgiveness, pride, ego, selfishness, and personal interest. These conflicts began when Tobho beat up Ebiere at the waterside after a minor disagreement. Her elder brother, Keme, made efforts to retaliate and was also beaten up by Tobho.Continue reading “The Child of the Creek”