Many of us erroneously think that our service to God ends in our religious gatherings. Consequently, whenever we walk into those gatherings, we act as the most moral set of people on earth. However, when we walk out of those gatherings, we put on the old person we have always been. We have soContinue reading “REDEFINING OUR SERVICE TO GOD”

BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIP: Don’t Allow Familiarity Destroy Your Relationship

Over familiarity has made a lot of people to lose sight of the beautiful qualities of their spouse or partner. After spending several years in a relationship, many people tend to focus more on the weaknesses or flaws of their spouse or partner, instead of continually appreciating the beautiful qualities that had attracted them yearsContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIP: Don’t Allow Familiarity Destroy Your Relationship”

Secrets for Success: Make It Simple

Successful people are not necessarily those who do or accomplish difficult tasks. The salient truth is that successful people are those who do simple things consistently. Most times, they only do simple things differently with a touch of excellence. A man who wants to climb the highest mountain in the world may not necessarily haveContinue reading “Secrets for Success: Make It Simple”

Secrets for Success: Do the Simple

Many young people erroneously strive hard everyday to do the things that they are not naturally wired to do in their quest to become great and successful in life. This is the major reason why many people become failures in life. A failure is not someone who failed as he was trying to do theContinue reading “Secrets for Success: Do the Simple”

Move Towards the Achievement of Your Goals and Dreams

The world is filled with so many unhappy people. Many people think, brooding over their sad circumstances and carrying some serious looking face is a sign of seriousness about life. Sadly, this is one of the ways many people ruin their lives, using their sad emotional thoughts to attract more of such negative circumstances intoContinue reading “Move Towards the Achievement of Your Goals and Dreams”


One of the reasons why many relationships crumble and get crushed is the simple attitude of keeping quiet when one ought to speak out. This is very dangerous. This is the major reason behind the overreaction of certain people towards their spouse or partner, which eventually leads to serious problems and break-ups. Permit me toContinue reading “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Speak Out When You Ought To Speak Out”

Training for the Real Battle of Life

People have not realized that their thoughts control their life. If you don’t agree with this truth, carefully observe your thoughts daily, and you will realize that you are the major actor who has been acting out the scripts of your own thoughts. In fact, you are the executive director and also the major actorContinue reading “Training for the Real Battle of Life”

Circumstances Should Not Dictate How You Think About Yourself

Many people make the mistake of allowing their situations to dictate how they think and feel about themselves. When they do not have money in their pockets or bank accounts, they erroneously think, feel and see themselves as being poor. Don’t ever make the grave mistake of using money as the only yardstick of measuringContinue reading “Circumstances Should Not Dictate How You Think About Yourself”

Identify the Quality of Your Thoughts

      Many people have not learnt how to find out the quality of their thoughts. The quality of your thoughts cannot be assessed when you are on guard or when things are going on smoothly as expected. If you have been using such times to assess the quality of your thoughts; then, youContinue reading “Identify the Quality of Your Thoughts”