Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts

Many people think some supernatural powers and forces are behind the scene, controlling all the realities of our lives. Nevertheless, from time to time, certain occurrences and realities have played out the exact scripts of our own thoughts (whether unspoken or spoken).

This tells us that there are times we were able to unleash all our innate abilities of creating our desired realities with our thoughts. Sadly, many people have not discovered how to utilize this limitless power and ability made available to us by the God of creation.

Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts exposes the seven dimensional bodies, and how these bodies influence the realities of our lives. It also reveals the realities of the thought world and the things we can do to fix our thought world in order to create our desired realities of life.

Discover the secrets of changing negative realities; harness the full potentials of the creative power of your thoughts (whether unspoken or spoken); achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations: and create the beautiful realities of life that you have always desired as you feed through the pages of this book.

Published by InspiringTheReader

Author, Music Artiste, Songwriter, Poet, Novelist and Blogger.

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