The Deception of Delays


Delay is the deceptive tool used by the Universe to screen off unserious minds from receiving their desired thoughts and words. The Universe only delivers the wishes of those who are doggedly willing to stick to their desires regardless of delays, not those who continue to vacillate about their desires due to delays.

Delay is the only test that can separate the serious mind from the unserious mind. If everything we desire happens speedily whenever we speak them forth, many will abuse this amazing God-given power. Thus, most times, delays are used to test our ability of sticking with our desires and dreams.

The Universe screens off the unserious mind with the deceptive tool of delay. The serious mind is not perturbed by delays. In the presence of delays, the serious mind just develops an unusual faith and confidence that his desired thought realities will surely manifest at the fullness of time.

The unserious mind continues to waver, wonder and ponder if his spoken words will come to pass or not. He has no form of assurance in his heart that his spoken words and desires will come to pass at the fullness of time. He is like an unlearned child who is still trying things to find out how they work.

Those who know the power of spoken words do not speak and try to see if they will come to pass. They know it will come to pass at the fullness of time. Thus, they speak and maintain their confession, knowing that those things that they have spoken will surely come to pass because death and life are in the power of their tongue.

The serious mind has that assurance that his desired thought realities, which he has spoken forth will surely come to pass. This assurance and confidence is what commands all the forces and powers of the universe to work on his behalf to deliver his desired thought realities, which was expressed by his spoken words.


Many erroneously continue to think that there could be another power outside their thoughts and their words. Well, we need to allow this truth sink and settle in our hearts. Our greatest power comes from the consistency of our unspoken and spoken thoughts.

When you carefully study holy books, and books written by great sages and philosophers, you will realize that they all acknowledge that our unspoken and spoken words are the source of our power. Some speak and it come to pass instantly. Some speak and it come to pass afterwards.

When our confessions are powered with consistency of thoughts and words, nothing can stop them from coming to pass. The greatest secret of Changing Your Realities with Your Thoughts is in the consistency of our thoughts and our words.

Many people usually quit because they think what they are confessing will not come to pass due to the deceptive interference of delay. Most times, the delay of the manifestation of our desired spoken words can be traced to the inconsistencies of our unspoken and spoken thoughts.

When the unspoken thoughts and the spoken thoughts are in total agreement, manifestation is always guaranteed. The agreement between the unspoken and the spoken words brings a deep assurance to our hearts. This assurance provides the favourable atmosphere for our desired spoken words to come to pass at the fullness of time.

The year just began. Most of us have taken time to write down our goals for the year. Delays are inevitable; however, if we can positively respond to every delay with consistency of our thoughts and words; then we will surely achieve every great goal we have written down. Do not allow delays to rob you of your goals. Delays are only testing your ability to persist.

Wishing you an amazing New Year and New Decade.



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