Water Your Words

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Words are the only seeds we plant with our mouths but we reap them as the realities of our lives. It does not matter if we are serious or not. Whenever words come out of our mouths, seeds have been planted into the future and a sure harvest is on the way.

You may not tell when the harvest of your words will catch up with you. Thus, it is always better to plant the rights words with your mouth so that you will not be caught unawares. Your words today can become your positive reality or misery tomorrow.

Many people easily get tired of planting the right words with their mouths every day. They planted certain kind of seeds with their mouths yesterday, but today, you find them saying things that are contrary to what they said yesterday.

This continuous contradiction may tend to affect the manifestation process. Nevertheless, we need to realize that every word that comes out of our mouths has the capacity of becoming our reality if we can consistently and patiently water it with words that agree with it.

watering can

I listened to a video that talked about two persons. One was a renowned footballer whose father regularly told him that he would end up as a great footballer. The second person, his father told him that he will not amount to anything and would end up in prison.

Each of them were already in the reality prophesied by their fathers. Listening to the both of them speak, I realized that none of them forgot the words of his father. Each of them continued to remember the very words of his father. This remembrance served as the watering of the words spoken to them years ago, and those words caught up with each of them as their reality.

Furthermore, both of them did not only remember the words spoken to them by their fathers, they also saw themselves in those images and realities whenever each of them remembered the words of his father. They had tangible images of those realities in their thought world. They had vivid images in their mind that is one of the reasons they could not forget what had been spoken to them years ago.

To change your realities with your thoughts, you have to water your desired thought reality by just reminding yourself of it every day. As you remind yourself, see yourself in the beautiful images of that reality, and soon, you will see yourself in those realities of life.




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