The word “Baby” is a very popular pet name used by almost every couple in our modern society. Apparently, many people are used to calling their spouse “Baby” but they forget to regard them as babies when the need arises.

A baby is someone who is not fully developed physically, mentally or spiritually. Most of the flaws we could note in our spouse are usually associated with either delayed mental or spiritual development.

If this is true, then whenever their weaknesses play out, we should remember that our spouse is still developing either mentally or spiritually. When this becomes our thinking pattern, we will give them the needed time to improve like babies.

Every adult human being tends to act like a baby at one point or the other. No matter how much we try to hide it, our spouse can always spot our childish attitudes in a subtle way. If you can spot those childish attitudes, why not just accept your spouse as a baby. You have a big baby in the house.

A woman once said, “My husband is my first Baby.” One of my friends always said, “My wife is my baby for life.” Both of them are very correct. If you have ever called your spouse “Baby” in the past, it is time to accept and look at him or her as a baby.


Irrespective of how dirty your child may be, when he or she runs towards you with their arms wide open for that welcoming embrace; you won’t deny them because of you clean white clothes. When you regard your spouse as a baby, you can easily deal with his or her flaws and weaknesses.

When you regard your spouse as a baby, you will not take their mistakes too seriously. Just as you feel that your child is still growing and needs more time, you can also tell yourself “My Baby is still growing. She needs more time.” This attitude will save many unnecessary dramas in your house.

Some men cannot just look away from the mistakes of their spouse. They just keep on talking about each of the mistakes of their spouse in such a way that you just wonder if there is any good thing about the man or woman that they have married.

Indeed, there are beautiful things about everyone. The problem is that sometimes, we just found ourselves in relationships with people who do not know how to bring the best out of us. Most of the people we have written off just need the right touch to spark up their beauty.

That man with beards (black or white beards immaterial) is your first baby. That woman who has given birth to four children with you is your first baby. Remember, parents hardly regard their children as adults. Similarly, never regard you wife or husband as an adult. You will become more accommodating and patient.




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