BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Sincerely Accept Your Spouse Totally and Completely


Every successful relationship is built on the strong foundation of sincere, total and complete acceptance. That relationship will not last if you do not sincerely accept your spouse or partner completely and totally. If you truly want a successful relationship with your spouse or partner, you have to deliberately discipline your mind to sincerely accept him or her, totally and completely, irrespective of the things you don’t like about him or her.

We can be so narrow minded and selfish some times and we easily forget that our spouse do not also like some things about us. Your spouse may not say anything about them but truly, there are things he or she does not like about you. Maybe, you should answer this question. Do you like everything about you? Don’t pretend! Get a sincere answer! If you are given an opportunity and the unlimited power to do something about you, won’t you change certain things about you?

Indeed, we all, from time to time, find something about us that we do not like because there is this thing about us that always makes us to yearn for something more. You can call it desire, inspire, or aspire. If you do not like everything about you, do you think another person can totally and completely like everything about you? That is impossible, and that is reason it becomes a deliberate thing! Do you still remember that you are not perfect?

You are not the only person dealing with those secret issues of desiring something more. You are not the only one dealing with new fantasies everyday. Your spouse is also dealing with such things. We all are dealing with those things. Nevertheless, if we can only learn to accept our spouse completely and totally, most of the problems in our homes will just melt away like ice under the strong heat of our love.


Our confessions of love will become a mere mockery of the idea of love if we cannot sincerely accept our spouse or partner, completely and totally. Sincere complete and total acceptance is one of the greatest expressions of genuine love. It is something you must be willing to give your spouse or partner daily. It does not end during those short days of wooing or courtship. You have to keep accepting him or her daily for the rest of your life.

You may just wake up from bed this morning and see another thing you don’t like about your spouse or partner. The same thing will happen if you get a new man or woman. Therefore, like a loving father or mother, who opens his or her arms to embrace his or her dirty child, if you continue to sincerely accept your spouse,  soon, you will see great beauty irrespective of the dirt or flaws of your spouse.

The maturity of a man or woman plays out when new desires challenge his or her complete and total acceptance of his or her spouse. These challenges will come everyday but you must rigidly stand your ground. The test is just for few minutes but the victory or defeat speaks for years uncountable. Maturing demands that irrespective of how those funny and fleeting thoughts of new fantasies invade our minds, we must stay true to our earlier complete and total acceptance of our spouse. This is what true love demands.

If you have been reading our articles on Building Better Relationships, please, share them with your spouse or partner, and even with friends. When you are working on yourself, your spouse or partner should be doing the same thing. Building a better relationship requires the two people involved. One person’s effort may not sustain it for too long. You can even read it together with your spouse. You can even discuss on the subject.

We believe you can have that beautiful relationship you desire. We will like to conclude this article by giving you our favourite affirmations for building better relationships. Please, say it to yourself right away and always.

  • I love selflessly and I am selflessly loved in return.
  • I treat my spouse or partner the best way they wish to be treated, and in return, I am treated the best way I wish to be treated.
  • I am in a beautiful relationship with a loving, caring, and amazingly understanding spouse or partner.
  • I am enjoying the amazing relationship I have always desired.
  • My spouse or partner is the greatest gift of Life. 



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