Poem: Prisoner



In my moments of little sanity

I wondered at my little insanity

You requested for some assistance

But I gave more than acquaintance

You wanted a mere temporary friend

But I went beyond the mere trend

You saw an instrument of pleasure

But I saw an invaluable treasure

You thought life was so unfair

Forcing you into another affair

You closed the door to caring others

When crazy, but busy with another

Your selfish heart wanted some fun but

My naïve soul saw someone to love and trust

Then finally, you demanded my body

But I gave you my heart, soul and body

And became your eternal prisoner

And a prisoner to my own emotions

Now I’m trapped in that mystery web

And have become a modern slave




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Published by InspiringTheReader

Author, Music Artiste, Songwriter, Poet, Novelist and Blogger.

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