BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Accept Your Spouse Completely and Totally


Many people find it difficult accepting their spouse completely and totally. They want a spouse with a different complexion, height, weight, body shape, facial look, voice texture, academic background, religious background, family background, ethnic background, etc. In other words, they either wanted something else or they want something more. This makes them uncomfortable around their spouse.

Acknowledge that you wanted something different but that is not what you have. You wanted something more but that could take some time with a little effort of pruning. Whatever your secret desire or expectation is or might have been, realize that you have something different. Thus, be wise enough to drop that expectation ringing in your head, and accept your spouse completely and totally.

You will not find fulfillment in your marriage if you do not accept your spouse completely and totally. Fulfillment in marriage begins when you completely and totally accept your spouse. When you are fulfilled about your choice of spouse, you will be happy and grateful. Love, joy, cheerfulness, excitement, ecstasy, bliss, peace, contentment, pride, satisfaction, gratitude, friendliness, and other positive emotions will effortlessly well up from your heart, and you will enjoy your relationship.

Contrarily, if you continue to regret about your choice of spouse, you will create room for negative emotions like unhappiness, sadness, grief, depression, disappointment, regret, blame, impatience, desperation, frustration, anger, rage, hatred, etc. You cannot enjoy your marriage or relationship with these silent killer emotions. They will only help you destroy your marriage or relationship.


No one can become the dream spouse you have in your mind because your expectation is increasing every day. Your expectation yesterday is not what you have today. Remember, you have not also become the dream person of your mind. Secondly, nobody can be two persons at the same time. Everyone can only be the person he or she is. So accept the person you have chosen as your spouse.

We are not proposing that you should leave your spouse the way you met him or her. We are not also saying your spouse should remain the way he or she is. We are only saying you should sincerely accept your spouse completely and totally, without any reservation.

Our inability to accept our spouse completely and totally is one of the major things that stirs up problems in our homes. You just keep on putting unnecessary pressure on your spouse and on yourself so that you can get the person in your mind. Instead of turning your spouse into the person in your mind, inspire him or her to become a better person.

Every man or woman is a unique, complete package that can bring you that fulfilling, happy relationship you have ever desired if you can drop that expectation ringing in your head and accept your spouse completely. Your spouse is like a keyboard, when you have learnt how to punch the right keys, you will enjoy the melody. So learn to punch the right keys and bring out the best melody from your spouse.

You can hardly see the amazing things about your spouse until you adjust your heart and accept him or her completely and totally. The amazing things about your spouse that you acknowledge and nurture are the things that make him or her, outstandingly adorable. Your spouse gets better in his or her areas of strength when you continuously inspire him or her with your daily words of encouragement and appreciation.

Help your relationship! Drop whatever you had or have in your mind, and accept your spouse. If you want to get the best from your relationship, you must do this. When you sincerely and completely accept your spouse, you will become less critical about his or her flaws and mistakes. You will become far more loving, caring and understanding. When both of you can become more loving, caring and understanding; both of you will experience an amazing relationship.


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