Thoughts Are Vehicles


Thoughts are indeed vehicles. Just like every other vehicle transports people from one destination to the other, thoughts also convey people from one destination of their dreams or desires to the other.

Even though, sometimes, there may be delays along these journeys of life just like in natural situations with vehicles, however, if people can only remain in the vehicle of their thoughts, they will surely arrive at their destinations.

Have you ever sat in your house and traveled with your thoughts to different parts of your country and even the world at large? Have you ever looked at a picture and immediately see yourself in that distant land where that picture was taken? Have you ever sat in a vehicle; and even though it has not started moving, you traveled with your thoughts to the place you were going to?

That is a true picture of what our thoughts do for us. Our thoughts help us travel in our thought world. Those unseen journeys that took place in our thought world are not mere illusions. We can actually journey along those paths that we journeyed in our thought world. We can get to those unseen destinations of our thought world in this physical world if we stay with our thoughts.

When you stay with your thoughts, your thoughts will function like a magical vehicle. They will either find a way for you to get to your destination all by yourself or they will invite the powers and forces of Nature to help you get there.

I have had several incidents in the past where I just thought about a particular thing and it happened. I have nursed the simple desire of seeing a loved one and had the person visit or call my phone line. I have nursed a simple desire of talking to a stranger that I admired and soon had that person talk with me.

Sometimes, a simple thought alone may not deliver that thing we desire; nevertheless, sometimes that simple thought alone can deliver that desire into our hands. We cannot tell when our simple thought will activate all the powers and forces of Nature to work speedily on our behalf to deliver those dreams and desires into our hands.

Life can be full of surprises. We cannot tell when Nature will deliver that simple thought of ours to our doorstep. We cannot also tell when Nature will use our simple thoughts to transport us to the place we desire to be. That is the reason we must watch out for our thoughts, else, we should just get ready for that surprise package, or be transported to our desired destination.


The speed at which we get to our destinations can sometimes depend on the energy supplied by our thoughts. We supply energy to our thoughts with our feelings, emotions, and imaginations. The more we stay with our dreams, the more we supply the required energy to the unseen vehicle of Nature to take us to that destination or bring those things to our destination.

Vehicles differ in speed and size. Some of the vehicles we use for transportation today include bicycles, motorcycles, cars (slow cars and fast cars), trucks (small trucks and big trucks), trains, planes (helicopters, airplanes, cargo planes, jet planes, drones) and even rockets. They all take us or take things from one destinations to the other at different speeds. Some of these vehicles have greater provision to carry more luggage and goods.

Thoughts that may benefit only one person may not require so much effort for them to materialize. Thoughts that will benefit large number of people would definitely require more effort, energy, power, persistent and commitment.

The number of goods carried by a large truck can never be compared to the quantity of goods carried by a car. A car may get to its destination very fast and a truck might be slow, nevertheless the goods truck brings to the store will differ. The goods carried by a car may feed a family but the goods carried by a truck could feed a community.

The energy required for our thoughts to deliver each of the tasks stated above will surely differ, that is why you should never be discouraged when you think about your dreams for a week and you did not see it materialize. When there is a delay, you should realize that your dream is a big dream, and it requires more energy to deliver it. Thus, supply more energy to your vehicle. Stay with your thoughts and supply the required energy.

Do not join the bandwagon of those who quit along the way. Stand out and supply more energy to your vehicle by spending more time thinking about the realization of your dream. Spend more time and enjoy the fantasy of the achievement of that dream and the magical vehicle of Nature will take you to the destination of your dream or it will bring those things to your destination.

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