Poem: The Old Soothsayer



The old soothsayer

With his face painted

Like the white spots of a leopard

Danced awkwardly

Into the playground

Colourfully dressed

He abruptly stopped dancing

And looked around

Immediately noted mischief

But the people are too drunk

With the wine of the season

The drumbeats

Getting louder

The old playground

Now filled

With praise singers

The faces of the crafty drummers

Covered with red mask

The toast of red wine

Looked imminent

But the people looked indifferent

Dark weather

Bold flashes and clashes

Of thunder storms

Yet, they are not alarmed

He shook his head

And spoke aloud

Don’t be deceived

This masquerade dance

Is not just for entertainment

It is another slaughter of fortune

They will buy your future

With crumbs

And dump your demands

In rubbish dungs

But your children

Will pay the price

Open your eyes

And look again

Before you leap

The old soothsayer


Danced awkwardly again

Before leaving the playground

For the naive dancers




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