Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts

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Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts is a product of years of research aimed at making the reader to realize how much he or she has been contributing to his or her negative or positive experiences in life with his or her very own thoughts irrespective of the powers or forces working behind the scene to produce such occurrences of life.

We were born into this terrestrial world with that special power and ability to change the negative circumstances and realities of our lives with our very own secret thoughts. Sadly, many of us have not known how to utilize this amazing limitless power and ability.

Consequently, instead of looking for help inside, many of us have ended up developing the attitude of running after people from place to place, seeking for the solution to the problems that are actually rooted to their very own secret thoughts.

Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts exposes some of the mysteries of the dimension of the thought world. It reveals how the thought world influences the realities of the physical world. The book reveals stunning realities about the thought body, its thought world, and its thought world realities.

This book is a product of what the author calls “Deep Heart Diving”. The content was received as intuitive lessons from the Abandoned School of Learning, situated within. The journey within offered the content of this book as answers to some of the nagging questions of life when no one could provide any satisfactory answer.




You can read this book for FREE on Amazon Kindle on the link below.

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