BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Flexibility is an Expression of Love


Years ago, I saw my neighbour struggling with his girlfriend. She held unto his weak shirt and tore tore. The young man was fuming and was threatening to beat her up. The height of the woman was just around his chest. She was even pregnant, but was daring the young man that was far taller and very muscular.

I quickly intervened, separated them, and took the young man aside to talk with him. He began telling me that his girlfriend wants him to see her off to the house. “What is wrong with that?” I asked impatiently.

He explained that he was already late for work, so he pleaded with her that he was just going to see her off to the road, so that he could return to the house, prepare and go to work but she did not agree with it. He decided that he was going to do what he had proposed to her. So he saw her off to the road and began returning home but she rushed towards him and held unto his shirt, until it was torn.

When I look at how determined the young lady was, I pleaded with him that he should quickly take her home. He did not agree with me as first but when I made him see reasons, he agreed and quickly took her home, returned, prepared, and went to work.

(The young man and the woman were not officially married but she was carrying his child. I guess, the reality of having a child outside wedlock was tormenting her. She might be getting some relief every morning, when he took her to her father’s house , after she had slept over at his place. He has been doing it every day but she still wanted it at all cost that day.)


Sometimes, some of the things women demand from men, could be ridiculous, but it is very important to them. Imagine a pregnant woman, risking her life and the life of her unborn child, ready to receive any brutal beating from her tall and muscular boyfriend because he did not see her off to the house.

Flexibility can solve such problems and even many more. Sometimes, just advice yourself and do that thing for peace to reign. I am not talking to the men alone. I am talking to the women too.

Nothing makes a woman to feel so loved like when she knows you are doing something because of her. The same applies to every man. Flexibility is an expression of love.

Flexibility is one of the great secrets of successful marriages. No marriage can work without the flexibility of those involved. The man must be flexibility. The woman must be flexible too.

The subject of flexibility, tends to affect more men than women. The expectation of the society places a demand on every woman to submit to her husband. Thus, that has already prepared the heart of every women for flexibility.

It is normal for women to be flexible. They only become inflexible when they have been pushed to the wall. Else, most women do not have problem with flexibility. Thus, sometimes, men should be flexible to their spouse as a show of love.



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