The Talking-Drum and Other Poems


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The Talking-Drum and Other Poems is a response to the happenings in the author’s society as it struggles through the different stages of democratic leadership. It brings pictures and images of the plight of the people of his society.

The people have been crying about their plights and every heart desires a change but the questions are: Who will bring about this change? How and when will it happen? As these questions remain unanswered, the people continue to wait for a Saviour while human and financial resources are continuously wasted by the policies of the rulers.

The first part of the collection of poems is about politics. It depicts the misery of the needy, the dispossessed, the oppressed, the ruled and the exploited as they suffer at the hands of unjust leaders. The second part of the collection of poems is about love, life and nature.


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