Adjust Your Camera And Snap Butterflies


Many people are continuously deceived by their cameras. Their cameras only focus on the negative realities around them. They are so used to snapping the wrong things around them that they can no longer see the beautiful things around them.

Have you been focusing your cameras on the negative things around you in such a way that you could no longer see any beauty in your world? How have you been using the camera of your thoughts and attention?

One day, I walked out of the house early in the morning and walked into nature. My attention shifted from the beautiful green grasses to the mild sun rising from the east. So I decided to gaze at the sun. As I was gazing at the sun, I began to see more beauty around me.

I saw different inexplicable and colourful beauty of the sunlight. I saw the beauty of the blue sky. I saw birds flying and singing into my ears. I saw several beautiful and colourful insects and heard some of them buzzing into my ears.

One insect that got my attention was the butterfly. I suddenly realized that I could not remember when I last saw a butterfly. It could be far more than fifteen years. I stayed so long in the densely populated areas of the city, where I could hardly see butterflies.

Now, I am in another city, a developing city. Green grasses surrounded our house, but my eyes have never captured this beautiful insect. So I stopped gazing at the sun to have a close look at the colourful butterfly, flying some distance away from me.

The butterfly brought memories of my childhood in the village. When I was a child, I used to hunt for some species of butterflies that flew in large groups in certain seasons of the year. Fascinated by the flying butterfly, I started smiling. I began to realize that we could have so much beauty around us and may not notice it.


As I am writing this article, I stopped at this point and went to acknowledge the beauty of Nature around me. Again, I saw the beautiful blue sky, adorable green grasses, appealing sunflowers, and several insects including the butterfly.

Nature was singing different songs into my ears through the sound of chirping of birds. I heard some beautiful birds saying “Hello” to me, and I found myself smiling at Nature.

Suddenly, I began to see several things to be grateful. Good healthy (This alone, all the money in the world cannot purchase it). Ever increasing divine illumination, awareness, and insight. Divine safety, protection, and preservation. The list is just endless.

When last did you acknowledge the beautiful things around you and gratitude suddenly began to build up within you! When last did you acknowledge those little but priceless things around you. What have you been focusing on with your cameras?

Adjust your camera and look again. There is so much beauty in your world. Change the focus of your camera and look again. You can stop what you are doing and go outside to look at the beauty of Nature around you. If a good photographer comes to where you are, his camera will pick something beautiful around you. Look again, there are several beautiful things around you.


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