Bayelsa State Gubernatorial Election: Let Us Talk About Vijah Inowei Eldred Opuama, Gubernatorial Candidate, Liberation Movement


Vijah Inowei Eldred Opuama, Gubernatorial Candidate, Liberation Movement is 38 years old. He is very intelligent, humble, honest, and hardworking young man.

He possesses WASSC, OND (Public Administration, Bayelsa State College of Arts and Science), Certificate 2 and 3 (Horticulture, Sunshine Coast Institute, Australia), Certificate 4 (Conservation and Land Management, Sunshine Coast Institute, Australia), a Criminologist and Private Investigator.

They call him an activist. He led a protest against AMA Awards during Goodluck Ebele Jonathan led administration of Bayelsa State demanding the following:

  1. That the neglect of filmmakers in Bayelsa State should stop.
  2. The billions doled out by the government to filmmakers who do not make films in the state with the excuse that there are no good locations should stop
  3. Nollywood filmmakers who come into the state to make films should invite Bayelsa State filmmakers to their locations.
  4. That government should empower moviemakers in the state instead of using the funds to sponsor AMA Awards.

He did not stop being an activist when he was employed as a Public Relations Officer in Julius Berger, Bayelsa State. He collided with the Management of the company as he fought tirelessly and passionately for the employment of Bayelsa State indigenes. He was victimized several times, his salaries and wages delayed at several occasions, yet he never gave up the fight for his people.

He has worked as a Security Manager/Consultant for Comb Security Limited, Nigeria, meaning he knows what to put in place to quell insecurity in the state.

He is a filmmaker, dancer, and singer. He has acted movies and Television series in Australia. He trained several people in filmmaking, dancing and singing for free. He has great plans for those in the entertainment industry in Bayelsa State because he knows their plight.

He worked as a farmer, Hydroponic Farming: Tomato Brothers, Eumundi, Queensland, Australia, and he is ready to change the story of farming in the state. His knowledge of Conservation and Land Management will give him an added advantage in managing the state environmental issues from waste management degradation, erosion, afforestation and preservation of our flora and fauna.

He worked in Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia, one of the hottest tourism spots in the world, and he has brought that experience in his package for Bayelsa State.

You will fall in love with him when you hear the ideas flowing from his mouth like endless streams of waters. He will blow your mind when you hear him talk about his 15 Points Guerrilla Agenda and the 76 Pragmatic Policies. He has a strong passion to build a new state you can proudly call home.


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