The Sunset of Love


The Sunset of Love is about the love affair between Ebitobho and Juliet. They had a very enviable relationship for several months but things began to change as Ebitobho began to take his religious activities more seriously than their relationship. In flowing streams of tears, Juliet brought Ebitobho’s attentions to his attitude towards her. He acknowledged it and starting making  amends.

Nevertheless, Ebitobho soon took his religious activities to the next level, when Juliet was away from Port Harcourt for about three months because of school. She returned from school and met an empty house, all the electrical appliances were no longer in the house. She asked him and found out that he had given out those properties to fund some religious activities. She was stunned and irritated. Their discussion soon turned into an intense argument that led to their separation.

The novel pictures the effect of religious extremism in our relationship with people. We often take our religious beliefs to the extreme without caring if our beliefs are affecting or destroying our relationships with our loved ones and other people. Many prefer to part ways with their loved ones in order to hold on tenaciously to their religious beliefs. They do not ever think of adjusting their beliefs in order to accommodate people who have been a part of their lives for years, in order to maintain and retain the beautiful relationship they have built over the years.

The novel laments on how such rigid belief patterns separated Ebitobho and Juliet, who had a beautiful and enviable love affair before they were separated by the sword of extreme religious beliefs. Such separations are not peculiar to the characters in this novel alone. Many are victims of extreme religious beliefs.

Extreme religious beliefs have made brothers to draw swords and pull guns at each other. The same thing has turned loving sisters into warring enemies. It has destroyed many beautiful relationships between parents and their children. The same thing has destroyed many relationships in our society.

Rigid and extreme religious beliefs and its way of life has become the cruel hand that has been destroying the strong bond of love between people. In recent times, the death of many innocent people from terrorist attacks globally is connected to the same extreme and rigid belief patterns of some religious fundamentalists.

The Sunset of Love is used to caution extreme and rigid teachings and beliefs. The author used his personal experiences and the experiences of people around him to write the novel. The novel is educating, enlightening, and entertaining.


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