Bayelsa State Governorship Election: Let Us Talk About Senator Douye Diri


Let Us Talk About Senator Douye Diri

Senator Douye Diri started serving his people as a classroom teacher. He taught in several Government Schools in the rural areas of the old Rivers State, from which Bayelsa State was created. He was the First National Organizing Secretary of the Ijaw National Congress (INC). He also served as the Executive Secretary, Centre for Youth Development in Bayelsa State (2000-2002).

Furthermore, Senator Douye Diri served as the Commissioner for Youth and Sports (2005-2006). He also served as Council Board Member University of Maiduguri (2008-2012). He also served as the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Disciplinary Council, Bayelsa State (2012).

Senator Douye Diri served as Deputy Chief of Staff, Government House, 2012. He served as the Principal Executive Secretary (2013-2014). He has also served as a member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing Kolokuma, Opokuma, and Yenagoa Federal Constituency, 2015.

Indeed, Senator Douye Diri is a man full of years of experience. In fact, among all the Gubernatorial Candidates of Bayelsa State Elections, he is the man who is loaded with more years of experience. If experience is important for the job, then he is the man of the job.

They say a leader must be a good follower. Well, it is glaring that from the positions, he has held in the past, there is no doubt that Senator Douye Diri has been a good follower.

Many of his critics say that he is not generous. Nevertheless, his supporters are of the opinion that Bayelsa State needs a competent person like Senator Douye Diri to seat on the highest seat of power to manage the affairs of the state.

It is a game of choice..

It is a game of interest..

It is a game for the best player…

Let the people decide…

I am proudly a Nigerian… I am proudly a Niger Deltan… I am proudly a Bayelsan… I am proudly an Ijaw man… I am proudly an Okordian…

It’s about Nigeria Elections, Bayelsa State Governorship Election…

Stay Tuned for more about the Gubernatorial Candidates…



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