Bayelsa State Governorship Election: Let Us Talk About David Lion, the APC Gubernatorial Candidate

David Lyon.jpg

He is a man, widely known for his generosity. His philanthropic works has been speaking louder than any known loudspeaker in recent times from the mouths of his supporters. In fact, they have been singing the songs of his generosity in such a way that some gubernatorial candidates who have not done such philanthropic works may be secretly wishing that they had done a little like him.

Indeed, he is someone many Bayelsans want in the Creek Heaven (Government House). With such a loud story of generosity, and a bold record of not owing his workers, many civil servants would want him to extend his hand of generosity to them. Retirees would want him to come and salvage them by paying their retirement benefits, which have been pending for some time years now.

Although, many seem to be unsatisfied with his academic qualification and his inability to use the borrowed English Language fluently in an admirable way, nevertheless, he is a great gubernatorial candidate to be considered. Even those who criticize him secretly know that Bayelsans need a such generous man as their number citizen. After all, at the end of it all, the only thing that matters is that we have a better Bayelsa State.

What Bayelsans need at this time is not someone who will bamboozle them with erudite political speech! Bayelsans are not looking for someone who will continue to manipulate them with that borrowed foreign language of continuous colonization that is making their indigenous languages to go into extinction. What Bayelsans want is someone who will deliver the dividends of democracy, which are:
• Payment of civil servants and the aged retirees,
• Employment of more youths
• Provide steady electricity
• Complete abandoned projects
• And construct more roads.

If David Lyon can deliver these dividends of democracy, Bayelsans do not give a damn if he speaks to them in Izon Language. They will get an interpreter for those who do not understand Izon Language. In fact, Bayelsans no longer want a talking Governor. They want a working Governor.

The drums are beating…

The dancers are preparing…

Let the people make their choice…

I am proudly a Nigerian… I am proudly a Niger Deltan… I am proudly a Bayelsan… I am proudly an Ijaw man… I am proudly an Okordian…

It’s about Nigeria Elections, Bayelsa State Governorship Election…

Stay Tuned for more about the Gubernatorial Candidates…


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