Accept the New Measuring Standards



We have been using the old measuring standard of riches and wealth for too long due to societal influence. One of the major negative impacts of using the old measuring standard is the enslavement of our minds to the results it presents to us. When our minds cannot allow us to perceive something better than the realities presented to us by that old measuring standard, we will continuously remain stuck to those negative realities.

We are going to introduce two new measuring standards of riches and wealth. However, we would still like to refer you to one of our previous articles titled, Reject the Old Measuring Standards. If you are reading this article, we recommend that you still go back and read that article so that you can get a broader and better understanding of what we are trying to say about this important subject.

The two new measuring standards are: SELF and THOUGHTS

  1. Self

The old measuring standard for riches and wealth has been based on financial and material possessions. Only few people have been able to recognize life, health, family, friends, gifts and talents, knowledge, and wisdom as other measures of wealth. All these measurements are correct but we must train ourselves to see beyond those old measuring standards if we want to be free from the shackles of thoughts that keep us bound in poverty.

We must train our minds to look away from everything, and see SELF as wealth and riches. This will be very difficult for many due to the years of influence from the old measuring standard. However, we need to realize that riches and wealth proceeds from us. They are mere rewards of what we could pull out from within. In order words, riches and wealth are mere rewards or benefits of the expressions of SELF.

When we pick up that special thing within SELF and use it to impact our world, the reward is riches and wealth. Yours could be a simple ability to cook, dance, act, sing, talk, or write. Another could be to do sports and games. Another could be to provide one unique service or the other. If we look at our societies, we will realize that people earn a living from even those simple things we take for granted. However, we must realize that that gift or talent is not the true wealth or riches. The individual exhibiting that gift or talent is the true wealth or riches.

We’ve got to get this right. That celebrated gift or talent is just one insignificant endowment of that person. He or she was just able to pull out that one gift or talent from within SELF and utilize it. There are still several other dormant gifts or talents, which could still make him or her a wonder to his or her world and be celebrated if he or she can only pull them out and utilize them. That is the reason you must see SELF as the riches and the wealth, even though you are far more than riches and wealth.

Henceforth, one of the new measuring standards you should use to measure and classify yourself as one of the rich and wealth should be SELF. That YOU, is the wealth. That YOU, is the riches. That YOU, is the abundance. That YOU, is everything material possession you want to acquire. That YOU, is even far more than those things you crave to acquire.

You’ve got to get this. If you are finding it difficult accepting this truth, take a pause. There is no need for you to read further in a rush if you have not gotten this truth about your true being. Read this article again, from the beginning and force this Truth down the throat of your heart.

You are the riches and the wealth. SELF is the riches and the wealth. You must acknowledge this Truth, and begin to spend time with SELF. The more you spend time with SELF, the more you will be able to pull out treasures from within. Bodiless, Thoughtless, and Mindless Meditation is a great way to spend time with SELF.

In our new Book, Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts, we dealt with all the different types of meditation, including the Bodiless, Thoughtless, and Mindless Meditation. You can read that book for FREE on Amazon Kindle. The link to the book is below this article.


  1. Thoughts

The second new measuring standard you should use henceforth should be your very own thoughts of riches and wealth. The good Holy Bible declares, “for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” It did not say, “a man is what he possesses.” Paraphrasing the above verse of Scripture, we could say that what a man thinks in his heart that he possesses, will become his possession. What you think you are, is what you are.

Tell yourself, “I am rich and wealthy because I think so; for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Tell everyone you wish to tell around you that you are rich and wealthy because you think so. Believe this truth with all your heart. There is more to riches and wealth that can never be measured by any measuring scale or standard. You are not truly rich and wealthy if there is a measuring scale that can measure your riches and wealth. True riches and wealth are immeasurable.

The more you say you are rich and wealthy, the more your faith and confidence will grow. Soon, it will become a normal thought pattern. When your old poverty thought pattern changes into the new rich and wealthy thought pattern; things will change. You will become what you think. You will become one of the rich and wealthy. The secret is that you must first see yourself as one of the rich and wealthy before you can begin to manifest that reality in your life.

You have to believe that you are the rich and wealth. The responsibility to believe is yours. Hold tenaciously onto this truth without wavering and the physical realities will change to reflect it. Lift yourself and place yourself among the rich and wealthy by using your very own thoughts and words to measure your riches and wealth; for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Never make the mistake of bringing yourself down with your very own thoughts, expressed by your words. Never use the size of your wallet, pocket, or bank account statement to measure your riches and wealth as you have always done in the past like the rest of the world. Never use material possessions to measure your riches and wealth. You will betray and overthrow yourself.

Those old measuring standards will only bring you low and bind you in the place of poverty and penury. You can never rise above the negative results of those erroneous measuring standards. Those measuring standards will secretly influence and control your mind and that will continuously keep you in that limiting end of life.

Break out! Break free! Rise up with your very own thoughts! Lift yourself with your very own words and place yourself among the class of the rich and the wealthy. Do not bring yourself down by accepting the old measuring standard of the world. It is a trap for those that have not been illuminated by this truth.

Accept the new measuring standard! Lift yourself and place yourself among the rich and wealthy by using the new measuring standards: SELF and THOUGHTS. This is one of the secrets of the rich and wealthy.



Our New Book, Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts

You can read it for FREE on Amazon Kindle.

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