A colleague once told me a story. According to him, he was one of those husbands who could cook very well. He cooked far better than his wife. Thus, from time to time, he took turn in the kitchen to cook for his wife and children. Their little children would commend him for the beautiful meals he cooked. They said they enjoyed what he cooked more than what their mother cooked, and they will all laugh about it.

Cooking for the family was always fun for him. Thus, irrespective of his busy schedules, he always took turn in the kitchen to cook for his family. He continued to do this for several years. However, one day, he returned from work and discovered there was no food for him to eat. His wife and his children had already eaten the remaining food in the afternoon but she had not been able to cook anything for them to eat that evening.

She was lying on the bed when he returned. She told him she was not feeling fine. However, just as he was about leaving the bedroom, she told him to help her cook. This was not the first time he would return hungry to meet empty pots in the kitchen. He had always overlooked and would go to the kitchen to cook for the family.

That particular day, when she said he should assist her to cook, he suspected a foul play. He turned and looked at her and saw her smiling. He looked at her closely and felt she was taking him for a ride. He remained silent for a while to surprise his anger. Then, with a calm tone of voice, he told her that he would never cook in the house again.

Few months later, his wife was very sick and was hospitalized but the man stood his ground. She pleaded with him but he stood his ground. His wife called his parents and her parents to intervene, but the man still stood his ground. The wife had to invite her younger sister to come over to the house to help do the cooking and other kitchen chores.

Some men can do anything to assist their wives, however, abusing such privileges could bring about unpleasant consequences. Most men are very rigid, when they make certain decisions, it could be very difficult to change them. This is not applicable to men alone. It is applicable to women too. Thus, in order to enjoy the arm of support from your spouse, please, do not abuse privileges. You may never enjoy such them again.


I was told another story about a man who lost his job. His wife was also working so the man did feel the pressure of looking for another job. She continued to carry all the responsibilities of the family as she tried to talk to him to get any available job like teaching but he said he cannot do any job that they would pay him peanuts as salary. When she continued to talk to him, the man felt she was no longer respecting him.

Soon, the man started drinking to mourn the loss of his job. He started returning home drunk. He would use the money his wife brings to the house to drink and get drunk. Soon, the man began to have frequent quarrels and fights with his wife. Their happy home soon turned into a war zone. When the woman could no longer bear the domestic violence she was experiencing at home, she divorced him and left his house. That was the time the man got back his senses and saw the need to pick up any available job, and he started teaching in a high school.

If you are privileged that your wife is supporting you financially, please, do not abuse it. You might be among the category of men who have lost their job, please, find something else to do. Not every woman is graced enough to silently bear the financial responsibility of the house for a long time. Do something to assist her. Do not wait until her single arm of strength breaks before you swing into action. Do the little you can to support her. It will be better that you are providing a little than nothing.

We usually make the mistake of taking our supportive spouse for granted. This is one of the things, which usually change some supportive spouse. Do not fold your hands and watch because he or she is helping you out. Do not take it for granted and leave it for him or her. You might loss the beautiful privilege of enjoying that thing for the rest of your life.

Protect what you are enjoying by doing the little you can to assist. When you abuse privileges, you will lose them. When you take him or her for granted, or you continually leave that burden for him or her to bear; the weight of that burden and other burdens can break his or her arm of support. When he or she is supporting you, do not keep that responsibility or burden for him or her to bear continuously until you break his or her arm of support.


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10 thoughts on “BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Don’t Break Your Arm of Strength

  1. Not every woman is graced enough to silently bear the financial responsibility of the house for a long time.”
    Yeah… Even the good ones can lose their respect for you. You can only enjoy your place as the man of the house if you are continuously providing for your home…

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