How Many Blows Can You Take For Your Dream?


One of my friends was in love with a lady. However, he had five obstacles to deal with. Obstacle number one: she was from a rich family. Obstacle number two: she was one year older than he was. Obstacle number three: she was in a class ahead of him. Obstacle number four: they have had a quarrel before, and were not even talking to each other. Obstacle number five: she had a boyfriend who was a bully in campus.

The day he tried talking to her, she slapped him and reported him to her boyfriend, who also gave him another beating of his life but this crazy guy was not ready to give up.

To cut the long story short, today, both of them are happily married with two boys and two girls. I don’t know how he overcame all the obstacles. The only thing I can say is that he was ready to take more slaps and more blows.

This is a typical example of the journey to success. How many slaps and how many blows can you take for your dream? How many times will you be willing and ready to risk your life for that dream?

The journey towards the achievement of any great goal is not usually a smooth ride. If you are not climbing some potholes, you could be stuck somewhere facing one obstacles or challenge.

Sometimes, the journey gets so tough that quitting looks like the best option. During such rough times, many people lose faith in their great dreams that could have changed lives globally.

They let go of all the sacrifices that they have made along the journey. Thus, they trash all the invaluable training and the experiences that they have gathered over the years for that dream they once had strong passion to do.

If you fall into that category of people who have lost hope and trashed their dreams due to difficulties, you need to realize that no great dream happens without challenges. Get back your passion for your dream..


Challenges are the training packages that strengthen your muscles for the task ahead. They prepare you for the future so that you could carry the weight of the success you desire.

Challenges build your fighting stamina. They test your persistence and strengthen your ability to endure hardness. Challenges expose how many blows you can take for your dream.

When you study the biography of successful people, you will discover that they all had rough and tough times. They also felt that unbearable heat that made them want to quit.

Many of them completely lost hope at one point or the other. Nevertheless, when they kept pushing, they had the breakthrough they were expecting, and their story changed.

No successful man will tell you that success comes on the platter of gold. They all fought their way through, irrespective of the seemingly impossible circumstances that surround them.

Some of you reading this article need to love again even though you just experienced one heartbreak. Some of you need to believe in health, wealth, peace, love, unity, progress, etc. Some of you need to believe in your lost career. Believe again and go back to work.

Join the club of dogged fighters who don’t give up! Dust that unfulfilled dream and go back to work. Go back to the place of training! Believe in yourself once again, and push towards the achievement of that great dream.

Remember, we are enjoying several possibilities that were impossibilities years ago. Someone never gave up on his dream that looked impossible. The person kept on pushing, and today we are enjoying the possibilities of past impossibilities.

You can make your dream to be named among the impossibilities of the past. Get back your passion! Do that thing you loved doing. Victory is knocking at your door through the fingers of this article. It is time to win again!




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7 thoughts on “How Many Blows Can You Take For Your Dream?

  1. “Challenges build your fighting stamina. They test your persistence and strengthen your ability to endure hardness. Challenges expose how many blows you can take for your dream.”
    Another nice one there…

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