Building Your Desired Active Energy


Making our active energy align with our desired thought realities is very important if we want to change our realities with our thoughts. The active energy is the power of creation and attraction. Our active energy generates the creating and the attracting power in us. It also engages the powers of the universe to work in agreement with the energy it is generating within us.

The active energy is the active force field of attraction that pulls the realities and circumstances that agree or align with it. When we talk about the Law of Attraction, we are actually referring to the influence of the active energy or the active vibration of our multi-dimensional body.

Elements used to Build the Active Energy

The first thing we need to realize when we wish to build our desired active energy is for us to know what our multi-dimensional body uses to build our active vibrations. We build our active energy or active vibration with our thoughts and our feelings or emotions. Whenever our thoughts agree with our feelings (emotions); our energy body creates and generates an energy, vibration, or force field that aligns with it. When this continues, the active energy or vibration is created.

Since our thoughts and our emotions can be influenced by our experiences, circumstances, beliefs, and several other factors, we need to realize that whenever we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch with either our physical body or even with our heart, certain emotions are evoked. These emotions feed our energy body. Thus, we have to be conscious of the kind of emotions dominating our heart all through the day because the best fuel for our energy body is our emotion. It is not even our thoughts, however, our thoughts are also very important factor.

In our previous post, we discussed the chain reaction, the “rub off” impact, or transfer of impact, from one dimensional body to the other. If you have not read that post, kindly refer to our article titled: Active Energy, Force Field or Vibration.

Take Control of Your Thoughts

When the chain reaction, the “rub off” impact, or transfer of impact, gets to our thought body (the mind), the emotion body receives the impact and immediately sends it to the energy body to create an aligning energy.

If we want to remain on that high frequency of the thought realities we wish to manifest, averting the negative chain reaction at the thought level will cushion the negative impact sent by our thought body to the emotion body.

Some of the things we can do to keep our thought body and its thoughts on that high frequency are:

  • don’t take things too personal
  • don’t be too critical
  • avoid unnecessary arguments
  • avoid complaining about things you cannot change
  • accept things the way they unfold
  • See a reason to be grateful in every situation

3 Ways to Build Your Active Energy, Force Field or Vibration

  1. Use Your Emotions

The whole idea about building your desired active energy is about the kind of emotions that dominate your emotion body daily. Thus, you must be wise enough to keep your emotions on the positive side. Whenever you find yourself in the negative side of emotions, quickly look for a way to get yourself back to the positive side.

In one of our previous posts, we talked about How to Deal With Negative Emotions. Please, kindly check out that article.

  1. Use Meditation

Meditation is another powerful tool we can use to build our desired active energy. Carefully read the following instructions before you jump to the steps below.

Instructions on Meditation:

Sit down comfortable in a chair, close your eyes, bend your head slightly backwards, and look between your eyebrows. Focus on your breath, while you are looking at that central inner point between your eyebrows. If you are going for 30 minutes meditation, for the first five minutes, just focus on your breath and that central inner point between your eyebrows.

If you do this correctly, you will find yourself diving deeper and deeper into the alpha and theta states of the mind. The alpha and the theta states are the best states to get the desired results in meditation.

However, if you are new to the alpha and the theta states of the mind, then, just start immediately you have been able to calm and relax yourself in your seat as instructed above.

Step 1: Gratitude

Still in the meditating state as stated in the Instructions on Meditation above, begin the meditation with gratitude. Count your blessings one by one and give thanks to God, the Divine, the Source of all things.

Count your blessings and express gratitude for a long time, and you will build the right energy for your affirmations and visualizations. If you have relationship with your emotion body, you will be able to know when you have started generating the positive energy that aligns with your desired positive thought realities.

Step 2: Affirmation

Still in that meditating state as stated in the Instructions on Meditation above, affirm and reaffirm that thing or the things you wish to manifest in your life.

Step 3: Visualization

Still in that meditating state as stated in the Instructions on Meditation above, use visualization to power your affirmations. See yourself enjoying the desires of your heart. Evoke the positive emotions you will express if your heart desire becomes your physical reality.

Step 4: Gratitude

Still in that meditating state as stated in the Instructions on Meditation above, express your gratitude to God, the Almighty. Express gratitude for the manifestation of the things you wish to manifest.

When you see yourself in the images and pictures of your desires, it will be easy to connect the positive energy of gratitude to your affirmations and visualizations.


The recommended periods for this meditation should be early in the mornings (before bath and meals) and in the evenings (after bath and meals, before you hit the bed for the night rest). However, if you can do this meditation as often as you can during the day, there is a high tendency for you to have quicker results.


Please, don’t try this meditation when you are driving, working on a machine or engaged in any activity that requires your attention. You can lose consciousness during this special type of meditation.

  1. Use Music

Music is another powerful tool we can use to boost our emotions to the positive height we desire. There are certain kind of music that lifts our emotions when we listen to them. Every one of us has a way of connecting our emotions to music.

Listen to good music as often as you can during the day and even at night. It will help stabilize your emotions on that high frequency you desire to remain all through the day.

Sing along if you know the song. Dance if you can. Joy and happiness are beautiful emotions that will feed your energy body positively. Release and express your positive emotions to feed your energy body.







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