BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Remember the Qualities of Your Spouse


We tend to act as perfect people when dealing with the flaws of other people. This attitude has crawled into our relationship with our spouse. Some of us always look out for the flaws of our spouse, forgetting we also have our own flaws.

Most times, we quickly take the judgmental position to nail our spouse when he or she exhibits his or her flaws.Β We must learn to put the qualities of our spouse in front of those flaws or weaknesses that he or she tends to exhibit.

If we lose sight of the qualities of our spouse, we will always make a mountain out of every molehill flaw exhibited by our spouse, and that can generate unnecessary heat in our relationship.

There is no perfect person. There is no perfect spouse. There is no perfect relationship. Stop running after your illusion. If some people tell you what they are going through in their relationship, you might want to remain single. Don’t be deceived by those public shows. Value the one you have and work on it.


Secretly write down the qualities of your spouse on the tablet of your heart. Five or seven basic qualities! This also applies to those singles who want a life partner. If you can continue to remind yourself of those qualities, when his or her flaws show up, you can easily look away.

No matter the heat you are experiencing in your relationship, if you can just sincerely write down the beautiful qualities of your spouse and equate them with his or her flaws, recognizing that no one is perfect; you will become less judgmental. Even those flaws will become bearable and negligible before the beautiful qualities of your spouse.

Many people make the mistake of jumping from one relationship to the other, thinking they will find someone far better, only to realize that they have lost several beautiful relationships in their childish quest for better partners.

Understand that there can be no better relationship than the one that has two willing minds that are always ready to work out their differences. Value the beautiful qualities of your spouse. Remember, someone out there sincerely wants those qualities for his or her spouse.



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