Clean Up Your Thought House


Many people want their physical realities to change but they are not ready to play their roles. They want God or other people to play the roles that they are supposed to play.

When you stay around them, you will realize that they have such an appalling thought pattern of negativity, which obviously plays out in their words daily. Some are so used to those negative thought patterns; breaking out of them would require some serious conscious efforts.

This idea, changing your realities with your thoughts, is to make the reader understand his or her role. We are not trying to play down on God’s Sovereignty. We are just trying to make man understand his role or responsibility.

Before you expect God to do something about your situation, you should first put your “thought house” in order. God cannot work for you when your “thought house” is always messed up with negative thoughts. Clean up your “thought house”!

Our responsibility is to build a consistent positive thought pattern. God’s responsibility is to work with those consistent positive thought patterns. If we do not provide the consistent positive thought pattern, the devil and his cohorts will work with our negative thoughts and words.

We must realize that we are partners with God, the Divine, in bringing our beautiful thought realities into fruition. God created the earth in such a way that He has to partner with man, so that His beautiful dreams can be done on earth.

Do you think that God, the Divine, did not partner with those who have been making those outstanding advancements in science and technology, and every other human endeavour that has affected man positively?

Of course, He has always been partnering with men to bring about those great and beautiful physical realities credited to man. Every good thing, including all knowledge came from the Father of all wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.

We must understand that our role is to create the favourable environment with our positive thoughts and words, so that God, the Divine, can work out our beautiful dreams in our world. If we continue to carry a thought pattern of negativity, we paralyze and deactivate the power of God that is working on our behalf.

Build a dogged positive thought pattern! Look beyond the circumstances of your life and stay with your positive thought pattern. Soon, those seeds of positive thoughts will grow and bear your desired fruits.




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8 thoughts on “Clean Up Your Thought House

  1. Absolutely Joel. Like a popular writer once said ‘’God will work with you but not for you’’, how true that is! This is very insightful and borders on a lot of things as concerning our personal lives. In so far as we ardently desire a change and impact our world, we must constantly filter our thoughts(environments) of debris(wastes). It’s very imperative. A parachute that flies is the one that’s open. Likewise if you want to become successful, then we must be check the environment of our minds.


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