Negative Emotions Interfere With Manifestation


One of the major things that destroy the manifestation process of changing our realities with our thoughts is the interference of negative emotions. Most times, it is very difficult for us to detach ourselves from the negative people and the negative circumstances around us.

We must realize that whenever we are trapped in negative emotions, we are invariably emitting negative energy, which attract negative occurrences. Some of the negative occurrences in our lives are products of negative emotions, which are connected to negative thoughts.

Recently, something negative happened to me. I was so angry about it all day and noted several other negative occurrences that day. When I got home in the evening and took stock of the negative occurrences of the day, my mind pointed finger at my negative emotions.

Negativity from the physical can stir up negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can stir up negative emotions. Negative emotions can stir up negative energy. Negative energy can attract negative occurrences and it can even keep us bound to negative realities.

In order to manifest our desires, we must learn to master our emotions because there are many negative people around us who will continue to draw us into the mud of negative emotions when we are still struggling to deal with the negative circumstances around us.

There are several negative emotions. Some of them are: fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, unbelief, discouragement, discontentment, anger, rage, revenge, hatred, envy, jealousy, grief, greed, despair, depression, sadness, unhappiness, impatience, frustration, desperation, disappointment, helplessness, powerlessness, pessimism, regret, blame, guilt, unworthiness, etc.

These negative emotions interfere with the manifestation process of our desires. Whenever you find yourself in any of these negative emotions stated above, find your way out of them. They are the roadblocks that delays or even stops us on our journey of creating our realities with our thoughts.




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