Resign from the Blame Club



The Blame Club is the oldest and the largest club in the world. Members of this club never see any reason to blame themselves for the things that happen in their life. When you truly discover the kind of thoughts governing your subconscious mind, you will realize that you are responsible for the things happening in your life.

Several years ago, I was discussing with a lady, and she told me, “all men are the same” and I told her “with this mindset of yours, you may only meet men that will fulfill that negative view you have.” I have not even known much about thoughts then. Recently, I saw her post and I went to her timeline on Facebook to assess her updates, and it was obvious that she is still lamenting, “all men are the same.”

She is one of those women that stand out in beauty, tall and beautiful, endowed with alluring curves and assets. So pretty but still single in her mid-thirties. Apparently, she is living in the reality of her thought patterns about men but she does not know. She has become stuck to her negative experiences with men. She does not think that a nice man can come her way and show her the love she deserves.

Since she is in the Blame Club, she will never sit down to look at her past relationships to identify the negative roles she played. She will continue to think men are the problem. If she does not deal with her secret thought patterns about men, she may never get married. To be treated well by men or women, you must first see them as good people, capable of treating you right.

Carefully assess your thoughts in that area that Life has been beating you black and blue. There is no negative reality in your life that cannot be traced to a negative thought. If all things are possible to him that believes, then, we can change our negative realities.

It is time to resign from the Blame Club! Find a reason to take blame for everything that has happened in your life. Those who sincerely take blame for everything that has happened in their lives always see better ways of doing things, and that is where change (or growth) begins.


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Changing Your Realities With Your Thoughts

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10 thoughts on “Resign from the Blame Club

    Avoid blaming circumstances or other people for how you feel. Everything that happens is about. We blame, we surrender our power & ability to change our thoughts & feelings…
    Step 2 overcoming any negative addiction or thinking pattern is to acknowledge & own d problem. Know that only u react to ur problems.

    I want to mention only two ways to stop negative thinking patterns

    1. Learn to engage in reading..
    2. Learn to talk God.


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