Reject The Old Measuring Standards




We recently went to interview some people in our city Yenagoa, and we discovered that financial and material possessions are the major yardsticks people use for measuring riches and wealth in our society.

Although, the old measuring yardstick is not totally wrong, however the negative impact is that many can hardly look beyond those negative results presented to them by that old measuring standard.

We must realize that if we continue to see ourselves through the pictures and images of the results we receive from that old measuring standard that our society has handed to us, our mind will remain stuck to those realities.

We must liberate our mind from the results of that old measuring standard of riches and wealth. We must train our mind to accept and perceive realities based on what we want.

If we tell our mind that we are rich and wealthy, irrespective of the results presented to us by that old measuring standard, it should agree with us, and start to see things that way. We cannot change our realities if our mind (specifically the subconscious mind) is always in disagreement with what we want.

Those who wish to change their realities with their thoughts must be able to accept riches and wealth as the reality of their thought world irrespective the results of the old measuring standard.

When you think you are poor, sick, or unlucky, how can you get out of that mess? Do you remember that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he? Free yourself from the chains of your negative thoughts and think positive .

Thoughts are powerful. When riches and wealth becomes very real to your thought world, your physical world will also change to reflect that beautiful thought reality.


If you want to read more about this subject, get our new book, CHANGING YOUR REALITIES WITH YOUR THOUGHTS.


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