Thought Work Is The Real Work



Society has trained us to work hard without thought work. Thus, many of us have grown up to neglect the place of thought work in our journey into riches and wealth.

The good Book says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. In order words, if a man thinks (subconsciously and conscious) that he is rich and wealthy; he is rich and wealth.

Many people have not tried this thought work so they think it is too easy to be true. Well, if you try it, you will realize that this thought work is far more difficult than getting a job. That is the reason many can get a job but cannot “thought work” themselves into riches and wealth.

This “thought work” is where you conquer or lose the real battle into the realm of riches and wealth. It forms the strong foundation on which your hard work can produce riches and wealth.

No matter how hard you work, you must “thought-work” yourself and make your subconscious and conscious thoughts to agree that you are rich and wealthy.

You are the wealth you want to acquire. You are the riches you wish to acquire. Although, you are much more than that, however, you must accept this truth about your true being.

Never see what you are doing as a means of getting rich and wealthy because that is who you are. Whatever you are doing is just a means of expressing who you are in your thought world that is why you must change your thoughts to agree with this truth. If you can comprehend this truth about your true being, then your perception about your job, business, career, and every other endeavour will change.

Understand that if you are a poor man in your thought world, poverty will be your physical world reality. If you are a rich man in your thought world, riches will be your physical world reality. Riches and poverty are products of thought work.

The poverty or the riches and wealth you manifest as your physical reality, is dependent on what you think (subconsciously) about yourself. Remember, if your subconscious thoughts do not agree, your conscious thoughts alone cannot bring about the manifestation of your desire.

“Thought Work” is the “Real Work”. When you “thought work” yourself into the thought world of riches and wealth, and continue to dwell there daily, your realities will change to reflect your thought world realities.



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12 thoughts on “Thought Work Is The Real Work

  1. Apt!👌…getting our thoughts aligned and recognizing who we really are in our spirits is very important for the realities of our lives which manifest.


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