Let It Become So Real




Let us start by asking you some questions. Do you think someone somewhere has not become rich by doing what you are doing? Do you think they did much more than you did to get that lift? Why do you keep thinking you are not working hard enough? Take a purse and think again.

We are not trying to annul the place of hard work and persistence. You should continue to work hard. You should be consistent and persistent even as you work hard on that dream. However, we need to take stock and acknowledge some things happening around us.

Most of the times, we are quick to conclude that the person who failed had not done enough. However, someone somewhere did not do as much as what the apparently failed person did and opportunities presented themselves and turned the little efforts of such people into amazing results of riches and wealth.

Understand that whatever you do in this life, someone somewhere has become rich and wealthy through it. If you are a house help, labourer, cleaner, servant, cook, driver, truck pusher, etc., realize that someone has become rich and wealthy through such ordinary services. If you do not agree, please, hang on, we will be bring some of such stories to you on this blog.

Stop thinking you are not doing enough. Stop thinking what you are doing cannot bring the riches and wealth you desire. Use your thoughts to create your realities of riches and wealth. Let your thoughts become so real to you that everything around you just changes to reflect the riches and wealth in your thought world. This is the secret of changing your realities with your thoughts. Remember, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.


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9 thoughts on “Let It Become So Real

  1. Wow,is just the truth
    Our thoughts and the way we think matters allot, think positive
    This write up is very helpful to me.
    Is talking about realities and more

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