Pin Your Mind There


Many people do not have the staying ability when things are not working out as they have expected. They always want things to happen very fast. If things do not happen very fast, they quickly lose hope and change their stand.

Changing your realities with your thoughts will not work for you if you have the attitude of “jump in and jump out”. The “jump in and jump out” attitude stifles the manifestation process, thereby making a mockery of your efforts.

You must make up your mind and come to that point in your life where you look away from every distracting reality to pin your mind to that beautiful reality you want to manifest, and stay there. You must stick to the reality you want to manifest.

Understand that nothing can successfully stand against the manifestation of your desired thought realities if you continue to persist and insist. Persistence and consistence is the key.

You must realize that if you allow your mind to stay on those negative realities around you, you will not move out of them. Only a different thinking pattern (backed up with spoken words and possible actions) can create different realities.

Affirmation and reaffirmation is the easiest way to pin your mind to those beautiful realities you want to manifest. Discipline yourself to do your affirmations and reaffirmations daily because that will help to establish your new desired thought realities in your thought world.

When any new desired thought reality is established in our thought world, manifestation is guaranteed. Remember, all things are possible to him that believes. The power of believe can produce your desired thought reality.


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14 thoughts on “Pin Your Mind There

  1. Inspiring, only if we could remember at trying times to believe in our guts,our ability to move mountains,the person within us victory we will always have. Thanks for motivating the reader….

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    1. Our ability to overcome challenges lies in the way we direct our thoughts…. I am inspired by your work… More insight sir👌👌👌

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