Many of us erroneously think that our service to God ends in our religious gatherings. Consequently, whenever we walk into those gatherings, we act as the most moral set of people on earth. However, when we walk out of those gatherings, we put on the old person we have always been.

We have so highly exalted those services rendered in our religious gatherings far more than every other service we render outside those religious organisations. Thus, in order to serve the God we cannot see with our optical eyes, we trample, oppress and hurt the people we can see with our eyes.

Why will a husband and wife maltreat their maid? The simple reason is that they do not know that the way they treat that helpless maid is actually a treatment or service to God. Why will a husband hurt his wife? The man do not know that the way he treats his wife is actually a treatment or service to God.

Why will a manager oppress those who are under him? Why do people cheat, defraud, steal, rob and even go as far as killing other people to get what they want? They have not come a realization that whatever they do to other people, they are actually doing the same to the God they serve or claim to serve.

What will our society look like if we all perform our duties, do our businesses, jobs and careers with the consciousness that we are actually serving God from those platforms? The Bible clearly admonishes that whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men (Colossians 3:23).

Our service to God does not end in our religious gatherings. In fact, that is actually the training and practicing ground for the real service outside. We must take our service to God beyond the four walls of our religious organisations. We must take our service to God beyond the borders of our religious gatherings.

We must realized that our service to God is every service we render to our fellow human beings. Every service we render to man is unto God. The way we serve other people, the way we treat other people, the way we relate with other people, the things we do to other people; they are all unto the God we do not see with our optical eyes.

Hence, whenever you want to assess yourself on how you have been serving God, look at how you have been doing your job in your office. Whenever you want to think of serving God better, think of how better you can relate with people as you do that job, business or any other occupation.

Think of how better you can serve your spouse, children, brothers, sisters, relations, friends, neighbours and everyone you meet. Serving God is just about serving other people. Remember, even in your religious gatherings, the services you rendered were actually to people. You have not seen God Himself, and can never render direct service to Him.

Serve God by serving people. The real service to God is our services to mankind. We will shine forth as the light of the world when we should perform our duties with such consciousness and our society will become a better place.


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