One of the reasons why many relationships crumble and get crushed is the simple attitude of keeping quiet when one ought to speak out. This is very dangerous. This is the major reason behind the overreaction of certain people towards their spouse or partner, which eventually leads to serious problems and break-ups. Permit me to tell you this: sometimes, you just have to speak out, just exactly how you feel about a particular issue.

There are times to keep quiet. You ought to keep quiet sometimes; however, there are times you must speak out. Speaking out is your responsibility. You owe yourself that responsibility. No one can do that for you. Remember, you can only be understood when you speak out. Therefore, you must make up your mind to speak out at such crucial times in your relationship.

Those who don’t speak out when they ought to speak out, are like time bombs, waiting to explode someday at the slightest provocation. They may not know it. They may not accept it. However, trouble is coming; for that someday of explosion is at the corner. It will just require a little push and you will be amazed at the devastating explosion.

When you don’t speak out when you ought to speak out, those things you were supposed to say, will continue to accumulate in your heart. As they accumulate, they will be looking for expression at every slight stimulation. Soon, your heart will become too hot to accumulate and accommodate those things. Soon, you will become very hostile and touchy, even to the wrong people.

It has been noted that the reactions and actions of those who always remain silent when they are being hurt, are more destructive than those who speak out. Those who keep quiet usually come up with devastating and surprising retaliation packages than those who react and act spontaneously. Your response, reaction or action will not be so destructive if you don’t always keep quiet. Remember, some issues require immediate attention.

I have seen several relationships where one of them continues to remain at the receiving end, receiving all the whips and the blows silently. When I looked from outside, I thought the silent one was exhibiting some commendable religious virtue. However, when I went closer, I discovered that the silent one was actually planning and plotting some ‘revenge package’.

Don’t plot a ‘revenge package’ for your spouse or partner when you ought to speak out concerning that matter that makes you feel hurt. That revenge package may not bring any positive result to your relationship. It might only cause new problems that had not been existing. I hope you don’t intend to cause more problems for the relationship that you have used several years to build!

Learn to speak out when you ought to speak out! You may decide to remain silent during the heat sometimes; however, look for a favourable atmosphere to express how you feel and how think about that issue. Free yourself by speaking out. You will feel much better as you express yourself and release those burdens from your heart. When you express yourself, you release those heavy burdens in your heart. Save your relationship! Speak out when you ought to speak out.

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