Circumstances Should Not Dictate How You Think About Yourself

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Many people make the mistake of allowing their situations to dictate how they think and feel about themselves. When they do not have money in their pockets or bank accounts, they erroneously think, feel and see themselves as being poor.

Don’t ever make the grave mistake of using money as the only yardstick of measuring your wealth or riches. If you do, you will always think you are very poor and this poverty-thought-pattern will continually keep you in poverty. If you think you are poor, your efforts will not pull you out of poverty: “for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

Remember, you can never be bigger or greater than your own thoughts. Your thoughts can either make you soar high like the eagle, or keep you on the ground like a chicken. A poor thought pattern can only produce poverty for you. Thus, you must train your mind to see that you are the rich and the wealthy.

The easiest way you can achieve this, is by training your mind to appreciate all the different forms of wealth you are enjoying at the moment. This will make you look at yourself differently, with greater sense of dignity, wealth and affluence. Now, let us look at some of those other forms of wealth we usually despise when assessing ourselves.

Life is the greatest form of wealth we enjoy; without it, every other form of wealth will be needless. Remember, money cannot buy life. Apprehend this truth and learn to value the gift of life you are enjoying as a form of wealth.

Health is another form of wealth. If you have good health, do not take it for granted. Appreciate it. Be grateful for it. Remember, a sick man can spend all his financial wealth on his health and may still not get it back.

Another form of wealth is true love. If you are in a relationship and you are enjoying this form of wealth; value it more than any amount of money in the bank. If you ever long for true love, you will agree with this fact.

Peace of mind is another form of wealth we usually despise. Many people have not realized that some “rich and wealthy people” can give away everything just to have this form of wealth. Value the peace you enjoy.

Other forms of wealth we tend to neglect includes: knowledge, ideas, gifts and talents, values, beauty, reputation, family, friends and relationships. Learn to appreciate all these forms of wealth and you will realize how wealthy you are. Remember, the thought and feeling of being wealthy will produce the financial complement for you.

Open your eyes and see how rich and wealthy you are. Train your mind to see all the wealth around you. Train your mind to eliminate every thought of lack. Learn to think that whatever you need, desire or want has already been provided. This is the secret. This is the thought pattern you should imbibe and you will see it happen.

Finally, apart from training your mind to see and appreciate the wealth around you, you must never allow your present situation to dictate how you think and feel about yourself. Train your mind to think independently, without any influence from your current circumstances. This is the training that will make you a master over situations.

Note that “You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be” (Marianne Williamson). Change your world by just changing your own thoughts. Change your thoughts and change your world. Start Now!


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