Many people play down on the importance of compliments in their relationship with their partners. They carry the erroneous mindset that the times for compliment ended with the period of courtship. Some seem to act as though they are the only ones that deserve compliments. So they just keep on receiving and receiving without developing any thought of giving back just as much as they have received. Some of them even that see the necessity only try to give back in a very miserly manner.

Nothing can easily capture the attention of people like the sweet words of compliment. It is normal for people to be attracted to those who shower compliments on them. It is natural for people to become defenseless before those who lavish compliments on them. People will continually be attracted to those who make them feel special. That is why you owe your partner the responsibility of making him or her feel special, cherished, treasured and appreciated from time to time. Don’t give responsibility to people outsiders and potential relationship breakers.

You must realize that when your partner feels he or she is special, treasured and appreciated, they feel safe and that feeling expels some of the thoughts of anxiety and worry that tries to invade their mind. If your partner does not hear those great words of compliment from you, the truth is that he or she will soon begin to wonder if you really appreciate, treasure or value him or her, especially when he or she continues to hear those beautiful compliments from people outside.

How can your partner tell you, ‘Honey, I love your physique. I love your eyes, nose and lips. I love your voice and the way you talk. I love the way you smile and laugh at me…I love the way you walk…I love your skin… I love your legs…You are so beautiful…I love you dearly with all my heart…’ and so on, but you couldn’t open your mouth to say anything nice about him or her?

How could you close your mouth at such that crucial moment when your partner is raining compliments on you?  How could your partner call you those beautiful names that intoxicates you like wine but you couldn’t find any nice name to call him or her right away? Do you think other people are also blind, and that they will not compliment your partner of those amazing things you have chosen to keep mute about? Why will you allow people outside to first take notice of those amazing things you ought to see and compliment? 

Little things really matters a lot. Don’t join the growing team of people who always withhold compliments. When you withhold compliments, you open the door for invaders. No wonder, when some partners run into people who generously compliment them continually, they are easily swept away and you wonder why? Some will start their blaming game, forgetting that they have actually contributed immensely to it. Don’t give any place to the enemy to attack your relationship by your negligence.

Consciously compliment your partner from time to time. You can also express it with gifts. Don’t be named among those who only compliment outsiders but when they are with their partners, they could hardly say anything good about them. Don’t only notice the wrong things about your partner. Don’t be quick to talk about the things you don’t like but when your partner does the things you like, you just keep mute about them. If you can boldly talk about the things you don’t like, you should be bold enough to praise them for the things you like and the things they do

Develop the attitude of telling your partner the things you admire about him or her. Don’t give that special responsibility to outsiders. Don’t forgotten that it was the same little, simple and negligible acts of compliments you expressed in the past that made your partner to feel so special, cherished, treasured and appreciated, that he or she was attracted you. There is no relationship that has ever been built without the building blocks of compliments.

Many people don’t like to compliment their partners continually is as a result of the fear that they may suddenly change and exhibit some funny attitudes. It is true that some people hear those beautiful words of compliments and they suddenly change for the negative. Nevertheless, you can be different. Show your partner that you can be trusted with all the showers of compliments rained on you. Deliberately do more whenever you hear those beautiful words of compliment from your partner. If you want it, then you must encourage it with your attitude.

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