Guards Against the Law of Reversed Effect


We can easily become too attached to results as we journey along the path of changing our realities with our thoughts. We may find ourselves trying to make things happen, or trying to force our desired results to show forth as quickly as possible.

We can also get desperate and would want to cut corners or arm twist certain things to get our desire results. These desperate efforts can turn around to become the major barriers to the manifestation of our desires. We have to be watchful in order to avoid this trap.

Instead of just doing your meditations and affirmations and letting go, you may become so attached to the result you want to see. If you get so attached to the results and work harder to see the results, the Law of Reversed Effort will set in and work against you.

It is better to stay on the lane of doing things that make things happen. Do what you are required and allow the great powers of the Universe to make things happen for you. If you get in the way and try to make things happen, you will end up hindering the manifestation process

It will be very easy for everyone to walk across a strong plank placed on the ground that is one feet wide. If that same strong plank is placed across a pit that is about two feet deep, it will still be easy for everyone to walk across it without falling. At this stage, nobody thinks of falling.

However, if that same plank is placed across the fifth floor of a twin seven storey building, many will fall off walking across that same plank. More people will fall off walking across that same plank placed on the seventh floor. At this stage, many think of falling.


The Law of Reversed Effect means, any conscious, well-driven efforts or attempts to change any subconscious response, get ferociously resisted because that would mean abandoning the “rule” of subconscious learning.

Walking across the plank placed on the ground and across the pit do not require much conscious effort. However, walking across a plank, placed on the fifth and seventh floor of the twin seven storey building, indeed requires a great deal of conscious effort.

When so much effort is exerting in crossing the plank, the journey becomes more difficult because fear had crept in. The people who could walk across to the other building were less conscious of falling and less fearful. The people who could have fallen off were too conscious of falling and very fearful.

The harder you try to make things happen, the more you end up messing up with the manifestation process. Too much attachment to results during meditation and affirmations can open door for fear to creep into your heart.

When you are fighting with fear, you give more power to it, and you will be conquered by your fears. You fears will generate negative emotions and energies that will resist the manifestation process of your desire.

Furthermore, too much effort can sometimes signal the attitude of resistance. Remember, what you resists, persists. Too much effort can produce the opposite result. Just do your daily meditations and affirmations and let go.

Completely focus on your desired thought realities without caring much about when or how it will happen. Do your meditations and affirmations without getting too attached to the results. The results will come when you have prepared the way with your thoughts and affirmations.




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The word “Baby” is a very popular pet name used by almost every couple in our modern society. Apparently, many people are used to calling their spouse “Baby” but they forget to regard them as babies when the need arises.

A baby is someone who is not fully developed physically, mentally or spiritually. Most of the flaws we could note in our spouse are usually associated with either delayed mental or spiritual development.

If this is true, then whenever their weaknesses play out, we should remember that our spouse is still developing either mentally or spiritually. When this becomes our thinking pattern, we will give them the needed time to improve like babies.

Every adult human being tends to act like a baby at one point or the other. No matter how much we try to hide it, our spouse can always spot our childish attitudes in a subtle way. If you can spot those childish attitudes, why not just accept your spouse as a baby. You have a big baby in the house.

A woman once said, “My husband is my first Baby.” One of my friends always said, “My wife is my baby for life.” Both of them are very correct. If you have ever called your spouse “Baby” in the past, it is time to accept and look at him or her as a baby.


Irrespective of how dirty your child may be, when he or she runs towards you with their arms wide open for that welcoming embrace; you won’t deny them because of you clean white clothes. When you regard your spouse as a baby, you can easily deal with his or her flaws and weaknesses.

When you regard your spouse as a baby, you will not take their mistakes too seriously. Just as you feel that your child is still growing and needs more time, you can also tell yourself “My Baby is still growing. She needs more time.” This attitude will save many unnecessary dramas in your house.

Some men cannot just look away from the mistakes of their spouse. They just keep on talking about each of the mistakes of their spouse in such a way that you just wonder if there is any good thing about the man or woman that they have married.

Indeed, there are beautiful things about everyone. The problem is that sometimes, we just found ourselves in relationships with people who do not know how to bring the best out of us. Most of the people we have written off just need the right touch to spark up their beauty.

That man with beards (black or white beards immaterial) is your first baby. That woman who has given birth to four children with you is your first baby. Remember, parents hardly regard their children as adults. Similarly, never regard you wife or husband as an adult. You will become more accommodating and patient.




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Thoughts As Special Garments


Clothes cover our physical mortal body. They protect us from the harsh environments hazards, and bring special beauty to our physical mortal body. In the same way, our thoughts also do the same for us secretly.

Our thought pattern in every area of life functions as a unique clothing. Just like we have different kind of clothes that we put on our physical mortal body, each of our secret thought pattern functions as a unique clothing or garment.

When someone totally believes that he is enjoying good health consistently for life, good health becomes the unseen garment of that person. This unseen garment or clothing of good health formed around the person is what fights against sickness or disease for that person.

When someone completely believes that he is enjoying safety and protection consistently for life, safety and protection becomes the clothing of that person. This garment or clothing of safety and protection formed by his thoughts, protects the person from evil and harm.

When someone believes that he is enjoying riches, wealth and abundance consistently for life; riches, wealth and abundance becomes the unseen garment of that person. This garment or clothing attracts riches, wealth and abundance to the person. This applies to every other area of life.


You may refer to this unseen clothes as the active energy, vibration or force field. Whatever name you give to it, you are correct. However, in this article, we prefer to refer to this phenomenon that surrounds every human being, which is influenced by the continuous activities of our thoughts, as a unique unseen clothing or garment.

The impact of this unseen clothing, garment, or coat plays out in our daily lives when we are exposed to countering realities or circumstances connected to them. When we are exposed to any harsh reality or circumstance that does not agree with the clothe of that area of life, the “thought clothing” of that area of life comes to our rescue.

The protecting influence of each of our “thought clothing” plays out in every area of our physical world. Each of our special “thought clothing” or “thought garment” also attracts the relevant wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that will help us walk in our desired thought reality.

Our thought clothing or thought garment also attracts all the necessary resources and the willing people that will help us walk in our desired thought reality. Additionally, our thought clothing or thought garment also brings beauty to our physical body and our physical world in general.




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BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Sincerely Accept Your Spouse Totally and Completely


Every successful relationship is built on the strong foundation of sincere, total and complete acceptance. That relationship will not last if you do not sincerely accept your spouse or partner completely and totally. If you truly want a successful relationship with your spouse or partner, you have to deliberately discipline your mind to sincerely accept him or her, totally and completely, irrespective of the things you don’t like about him or her.

We can be so narrow minded and selfish some times and we easily forget that our spouse do not also like some things about us. Your spouse may not say anything about them but truly, there are things he or she does not like about you. Maybe, you should answer this question. Do you like everything about you? Don’t pretend! Get a sincere answer! If you are given an opportunity and the unlimited power to do something about you, won’t you change certain things about you?

Indeed, we all, from time to time, find something about us that we do not like because there is this thing about us that always makes us to yearn for something more. You can call it desire, inspire, or aspire. If you do not like everything about you, do you think another person can totally and completely like everything about you? That is impossible, and that is reason it becomes a deliberate thing! Do you still remember that you are not perfect?

You are not the only person dealing with those secret issues of desiring something more. You are not the only one dealing with new fantasies everyday. Your spouse is also dealing with such things. We all are dealing with those things. Nevertheless, if we can only learn to accept our spouse completely and totally, most of the problems in our homes will just melt away like ice under the strong heat of our love.


Our confessions of love will become a mere mockery of the idea of love if we cannot sincerely accept our spouse or partner, completely and totally. Sincere complete and total acceptance is one of the greatest expressions of genuine love. It is something you must be willing to give your spouse or partner daily. It does not end during those short days of wooing or courtship. You have to keep accepting him or her daily for the rest of your life.

You may just wake up from bed this morning and see another thing you don’t like about your spouse or partner. The same thing will happen if you get a new man or woman. Therefore, like a loving father or mother, who opens his or her arms to embrace his or her dirty child, if you continue to sincerely accept your spouse,  soon, you will see great beauty irrespective of the dirt or flaws of your spouse.

The maturity of a man or woman plays out when new desires challenge his or her complete and total acceptance of his or her spouse. These challenges will come everyday but you must rigidly stand your ground. The test is just for few minutes but the victory or defeat speaks for years uncountable. Maturing demands that irrespective of how those funny and fleeting thoughts of new fantasies invade our minds, we must stay true to our earlier complete and total acceptance of our spouse. This is what true love demands.

If you have been reading our articles on Building Better Relationships, please, share them with your spouse or partner, and even with friends. When you are working on yourself, your spouse or partner should be doing the same thing. Building a better relationship requires the two people involved. One person’s effort may not sustain it for too long. You can even read it together with your spouse. You can even discuss on the subject.

We believe you can have that beautiful relationship you desire. We will like to conclude this article by giving you our favourite affirmations for building better relationships. Please, say it to yourself right away and always.

  • I love selflessly and I am selflessly loved in return.
  • I treat my spouse or partner the best way they wish to be treated, and in return, I am treated the best way I wish to be treated.
  • I am in a beautiful relationship with a loving, caring, and amazingly understanding spouse or partner.
  • I am enjoying the amazing relationship I have always desired.
  • My spouse or partner is the greatest gift of Life. 



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The Nine (9) Secrets of Good Health


In few months, it will be twenty years journey of consistent good health. It has been a glorious walk in divine health. Special thanks to God Almighty for bringing the right people and the relevant materials that have inspired me along this beautiful path of good health.

We are just introducing the subject. We will break it down and deal with each secret to bring you more things about our discoveries along this journey of good health or divine health. So stay tuned for more.

Secret Number 1: Thinking

If you wish to enjoy good health for life, the first thing you must deal with is the way you think about health. Many people find it difficult to believe that they can enjoy good health for the rest of their life.

You cannot enjoy good health if you don’t think you can. It is that simple. What you think and speak about your health is what you will get!

We are not referring to vacillating thoughts of good health. We are referring to rigid convictions and thoughts about good health. If you can convince yourself with whatever criteria then you can enjoy good health. Remember, all things are possible to him that believes.

Several people like us believe strongly that we will enjoy good health for life, and we have been enjoying it. But some people think they will not enjoy good health for life, so they are not enjoying it.

Secret Number 2: Feeding

The things you consume will surely have some impact on your health. A time comes when you don’t just consume anything that comes your way because you are hungry.

A time comes when you must develop the habit of consuming the best things that your body truly needs. You must make up your mind that you will only consume the most nutritious and most healthy things if you truly value your health.

When you speak to some people about the things they consume, it is glaring that they prefer to go through the pain of sickness and diseases instead of just eating right. Else, what is the rationale behind someone’s attitude of consuming toxic materials into his or her body?

Can you just value your health enough and eat right?

Secret Number 3: Fasting

Many people think fasting is just for spiritual exercises. Fasting has several health benefits. It helps you empty your bowels, cleanses toxic materials from your body, and revitalizes your organs and the entire systems.

One of the reasons some of our vital organs get weak and pack up is because we don’t fast. We just keep on over-working them all through the year. Like every machine, we must allow our organs and systems to rest some times.

When we fast, we shut down the entire system, thereby giving the entire system some time to rest and heal in order to function better.

Secret Number 4: Exercise

Most people find it difficult to exercise themselves regularly. Sometimes, the weakness of tissues, bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints and the entire system can be traced to the lack of exercises.

Exercise is very good for your health. The health benefit of a little exercise every day is priceless. Some benefits of exercises are:

  • It helps to control weight.
  • It strengthens your bones and muscles.
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It improves your mental health and mood.
  • It increases your chances of living longer.

A little exercise every day is good for your health.

Secret Number 5: Rest

Rest is also very important to your body. You must be sensitive enough to respond to the rest-signals of your body, and be wise enough to get some when necessary else you will breakdown.

Many get sick because they don’t respond to the rest-signals of their body. Whenever you don’t respond to the rest-signals of your body, just realize that you don’t value your health.

There is no greater riches and wealth than health. Value your health so much and treat yourself right by getting the rest your body deserves.

Secret Number 6: Relationship with God

We wanted to deal with this subject under thinking but felt it deserves to be treated separately. Years ago, I used to place this as the first secret, nevertheless, as I continue to study the subject of good health, I felt every human being has the same access to good health irrespective of his or her religious background.

This does not in any way play down on the importance of this secret to good health. I could only believe for good health because of the teachings I received on divine health from my Christian denomination. In fact, my Christian denomination opened my eyes to the subject of divine health.

Religious teachings have a very strong impact on our belief system. I am from a Christian background. My Christian background played a major role in developing my mind to believe on the subject of divine health. I dare say, without the influence of my Christian Denomination, I wonder if I would have stumbled on the subject of divine health early in my life.

The fundamental religious teachings that took me into the realm of divine health are: “I am a child of God. I am born of God. I have the life of God. Christ in me, is my health. I am a partaker of the very life of God. The eternal life of God flows through every fibre of my being. Divine health is the nature of God that has been imparted into my physical body. I am one with God” These are just few verses from the Holy Bible that formed the foundation of my belief system on divine health, and it has been working for me for the past twenty years.


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Secret Number 7: Prayer

Prayer is a powerful means of inviting God Almighty into our affairs. At such times of prayer, we talk to God about the secret desires of our heart, and that prepares our mind to receive what we have asked from the good God, the Everlasting Father of all flesh.

Prayer gives us an opportunity to talk to God Almighty, the Creator of all things, the Father of all spirits. He is the giver of life and health. He is the Sustainer of life and the Sustainer good health. Before we do any other thing, He should be our first point of call.

It is like asking for the support of a loving father. All the knowledge you will need, comes from Him alone. He is the Source of all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The Source of all lasting good things can be traced to Him.

Good health is one of the qualities of His very Life. When we ask Him in the place of prayer, and prepare our minds to receive, we place ourselves in the right position to receive the consistent good health we ask of Him.

Secret Number 8: Understand Your Body

Many people do not understand the language of their body. They cannot tell when their body is complaining about a particular kind of meal. They cannot tell when their body is complaining about how much it has been exposed to cold weather or cold meals. They cannot tell when their body is demanding for rest. They cannot tell when their body is demanding for some exercise. They have not learnt how to listen to their body. They do not care to listen to their body. Thus, they could not respond in time to avert the breakdown of their body.

Your body is like a machine. Every good driver understands the language of his car. Every good driver knows when to respond to the voice or language of his car. The same way, you must also understand the language of your body and respond accordingly and promptly. This is a very important secret. You have to learn it.

Secret Number 9: Absorption of Cosmic Energy during Meditation

This is my recent discovery. There is a special energy absorbed by our body during deep and long meditation that cleanses our body of sicknesses and diseases. This surge of energy enters our body from the top of our head and it flows down and saturates our entire body, cleansing the whole system of negative energy. If we stay long in deep meditation, this inflow of energy cleanses the entire body of sickness or disease.

Some of the sicknesses or diseases we experience are connected to negative energy or blockage of energy. Thus, a long deep meditation gives the body enough time to absorb that special cosmic energy that cleanses our body of sickness and disease.

You can notice this cleansing in certain regions as sharp pains. Sometimes, you just experience gushing flow of certain sensations towards certain areas. If you stay long enough during such times and allow that special energy flowing into your system to do its work, you will get up from your meditation a healthier person.


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Poem: Prisoner



In my moments of little sanity

I wondered at my little insanity

You requested for some assistance

But I gave more than acquaintance

You wanted a mere temporary friend

But I went beyond the mere trend

You saw an instrument of pleasure

But I saw an invaluable treasure

You thought life was so unfair

Forcing you into another affair

You closed the door to caring others

When crazy, but busy with another

Your selfish heart wanted some fun but

My naïve soul saw someone to love and trust

Then finally, you demanded my body

But I gave you my heart, soul and body

And became your eternal prisoner

And a prisoner to my own emotions

Now I’m trapped in that mystery web

And have become a modern slave




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Thoughts Are Destinations, Locations, Places, Or Environments

beautiful places.jpg

Thoughts are destinations, locations, places, or environments. They are more than intangible pictures and images flying in our minds. Thoughts are actually destinations, locations, places, or environments in the unseen realms. This is the reason when we remain on certain thoughts in our thought world, we find ourselves living in those realities in the physical world.

For instance, wealth and riches is a destinations, locations, places, or environments in the unseen realm. Only those who are living in the destination, location, place, or environment of riches and wealth in their thought world can find themselves enjoying those realities in this earthly physical world.

The same thing applies to health. Health is a destination, location, place, or environment in the unseen realm. Only those who are living in that destination, location, place, or environment in their thought world can find themselves enjoying the realities of health in this earthly physical world.

Poverty is also a destination, location, place, or environment in the unseen realm. Sickness is also a destination, location, place, or environment in the unseen realm. There are those who live in the destination, location, place, or environment of poverty in their thought world. Some dwell in the destination, location, place, or environment of sickness in their thought world. Consequently, poverty and sickness find expression in their financial realities or health realities respectively.

beautiful places2.jpg

When you have a good comprehension about this amazing truth, you will realize that when you stay with your thoughts, you are actually staying in that specific destination, location, place, or environment in the unseen realms. The more you stay in that destination, location, place, or environment of thought in your thought world, the more your realities conform to reflect those unseen realities.

Have you ever noticed that some couples look alike as though they were born by the same parents? Some tend to have similar facial looks. Some tend to have similar attitudes and ways of life. This happened as they stayed together. Something about them just changed to the new environment they find themselves.

This is not peculiar to spouses alone. Children also look like people in their families. We can also notice that people exhibit certain attitudes or characters peculiar their environment. Those who live in beautiful destinations, locations, places, or environments in their thought world, unknowingly and supernaturally conjure up those realities into their physical world.

Thoughts are not just words, pictures, or images flying through the space of our mind. They are also realities of specific destinations, locations, places, or environments of the unseen world. That is the reason if you want to change your physical destination, location, place, environment, or realities, all you need to do is, go and stay in such destinations, locations, places, or environments in your thought world, and soon you will see yourself there in this earthly physical world.


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A Walk Into Divine Health



a walk into divine health COVER new.jpgThe ordinary human life cannot give you divine health, which is a consistent state of wholeness and soundness of health. Due to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden; the originally flawless human body has been altered and distorted to accommodate and produce sickness, disease, sin and death.

The ordinary human life is doomed for sickness, disease, sin and death due to the fallen Adamic nature. However, there is a life that has been made available to humanity that can take man out of this predicament. This life can keep any human being in perfect health all the days of his life.

All things are possible to those who believe. If you have the secret desire to enjoy good health all the days of your life, this book is for you. Open your heart as read through this book and you will find out the solution in the pages of this book.

After enjoying good health consistently for more than nineteen years, I strongly believe that the human race can indeed enjoy health. We can kick out sickness and disease from our planet and enjoy good health all our days on earth.

A Walk Into Divine Health was written to bring revelation knowledge to people who are struggling with health problems. It will guide you into this glorious experience of walking in divine health. This book will bring you faith on the Word of God; and it will stir you up for a walk into divine health.




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BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Accept Your Spouse Completely and Totally


Many people find it difficult accepting their spouse completely and totally. They want a spouse with a different complexion, height, weight, body shape, facial look, voice texture, academic background, religious background, family background, ethnic background, etc. In other words, they either wanted something else or they want something more. This makes them uncomfortable around their spouse.

Acknowledge that you wanted something different but that is not what you have. You wanted something more but that could take some time with a little effort of pruning. Whatever your secret desire or expectation is or might have been, realize that you have something different. Thus, be wise enough to drop that expectation ringing in your head, and accept your spouse completely and totally.

You will not find fulfillment in your marriage if you do not accept your spouse completely and totally. Fulfillment in marriage begins when you completely and totally accept your spouse. When you are fulfilled about your choice of spouse, you will be happy and grateful. Love, joy, cheerfulness, excitement, ecstasy, bliss, peace, contentment, pride, satisfaction, gratitude, friendliness, and other positive emotions will effortlessly well up from your heart, and you will enjoy your relationship.

Contrarily, if you continue to regret about your choice of spouse, you will create room for negative emotions like unhappiness, sadness, grief, depression, disappointment, regret, blame, impatience, desperation, frustration, anger, rage, hatred, etc. You cannot enjoy your marriage or relationship with these silent killer emotions. They will only help you destroy your marriage or relationship.


No one can become the dream spouse you have in your mind because your expectation is increasing every day. Your expectation yesterday is not what you have today. Remember, you have not also become the dream person of your mind. Secondly, nobody can be two persons at the same time. Everyone can only be the person he or she is. So accept the person you have chosen as your spouse.

We are not proposing that you should leave your spouse the way you met him or her. We are not also saying your spouse should remain the way he or she is. We are only saying you should sincerely accept your spouse completely and totally, without any reservation.

Our inability to accept our spouse completely and totally is one of the major things that stirs up problems in our homes. You just keep on putting unnecessary pressure on your spouse and on yourself so that you can get the person in your mind. Instead of turning your spouse into the person in your mind, inspire him or her to become a better person.

Every man or woman is a unique, complete package that can bring you that fulfilling, happy relationship you have ever desired if you can drop that expectation ringing in your head and accept your spouse completely. Your spouse is like a keyboard, when you have learnt how to punch the right keys, you will enjoy the melody. So learn to punch the right keys and bring out the best melody from your spouse.

You can hardly see the amazing things about your spouse until you adjust your heart and accept him or her completely and totally. The amazing things about your spouse that you acknowledge and nurture are the things that make him or her, outstandingly adorable. Your spouse gets better in his or her areas of strength when you continuously inspire him or her with your daily words of encouragement and appreciation.

Help your relationship! Drop whatever you had or have in your mind, and accept your spouse. If you want to get the best from your relationship, you must do this. When you sincerely and completely accept your spouse, you will become less critical about his or her flaws and mistakes. You will become far more loving, caring and understanding. When both of you can become more loving, caring and understanding; both of you will experience an amazing relationship.


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IGoTalk: The Annual Flood Has Started Ejecting People From Their Houses In Delta State, Bayelsa State, and Rivers State


In the recent past, the south-south region of Nigeria, specifically the people living around River Niger, River Nun, and River Orasi in Delta State, Bayelsa State, and Rivers State respectively have been recording the greatest floods in their history.

In 2012, they recorded the greatest flood of all time. Most of the old people within the stated region attested to it. In 2018, yet another great flood was experienced. It was recorded as the second or third greatest flood suffered by the people of the region.

Many attributed the flood to the lack of proper management and discharge of water from a dam in Cameroon. Some attributed it to the impact of global warming and several other environmental problems. Nevertheless, the heavy rains have always been behind these great floods.

Last week, the heavy rains, pushed the annual flood to a worrisome level. This week, the heavy rains recorded  have already joined forces with the flood to eject dozens of people from their homes in Delta State, Bayelsa State, and Rivers State. Communities along River Niger, River Nun, and River Orasi and other small rivers connected to those major rivers are already feeling the impact of the flood. Many buildings are already standing in the pool of water.

There is great tension due to the flash increase of the flood in the past few days. Thus, we are using this medium to call on all relevant government authorities in Delta State, Bayelsa State, and Rivers State, and all relevant non-governmental organizations responsible for managing flood victims to prepare their house so that the unexpected will not take them by surprise.

Stay Tuned With IGoTalk for more updates about the flood.